Pastel Is The New Neutral: Muted Colours For Your House

A home filled with nostalgia, charm, warmth and opulence! Owning such a home seems dreamy, no?

Well, it’s no more a dream when you have pastel paints in your bucket.

Mint green, blush pink, soft yellow, faded blue, you name it. Choices are endless when it comes to pastel colours.

Pastel paints do a wonderful job, and their popularity is soaring on social media. Either on Instagram or Pinterest, you have endless inspirations and suggestions to paint your walls in these chic and lovely colours.

And, to ease things for you, we bring you some great inspirations below:


1. Painting Your Room All Blush Pink

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Cozy Ideas

Blush pink is a highly versatile, pretty and cute colour, adding glory to your walls. A light, delicate pink shade called blush pink looks surprising on your walls when paired with more modern and streamlined pieces.

In this living room designed by Cozy Ideas, the modern lines and pink tonal palette feels soothing, calming and modern while the blush pink colours make the room feel open and bright.

Did you notice that brick wall just behind the LED?


2. Pastel In Your Fabric

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: 3D Innovations

Don’t want to touch your walls, but still want the magic? Play with your fabric, this time.

Have linen, covers of throw pillows, or curtains in pastel colours. It is the easiest, quickest and the most convenient way to bring in the beauty of pastel shades in your home.

For instance, in this design, pastel light green shade of curtains provides a focus for this open living area.


3. Reupholster Furniture Styles With Pastel Tones

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Renozone

Do you shy away from pastel colours, because you are unsure if your home will appear too soft and unsophisticated?

Instead of worrying about the colours, choose furniture that you are familiar with. It can be your sofa and end tables paired with hints of stripes, polka or even floral pastel fabrics.

You can even have plain upholstery fabric to have new pastel-enhanced interiors.

As shown in this design by Renozone, the beautiful pastel orange upholstery of the sofa creates the focal point of this open living area. It looks so unique and adds instant charm to this living space.


4. Let Wood Finishes Compliment Your Pastels Interiors

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Rezt n Relax

Fortunately, pastel colours are so versatile! That’s why they easily blend with natural materials such as wood flooring rattan, wood panelling, seagrass and more elements in your interiors.

Blend your pastel interior with lighter coloured woods such as bamboo, oak, lighter maple, and similar tones to compliment your pastel decor. For a great contrast in your interiors, choose rich cherry wood! It looks gorgeous with pink and peach hues.

Try deep brown or mahogany coloured stains combined with pastel yellow, green or blue to achieve a beautiful contrast.

Pastel colours like muted pinks, blues and lavenders add luxurious charm and realm to your space. The resulting home appears decadent and grown up, while you will love the soothing tones forever. Pastel colours are inviting and welcoming to your guest as well.


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