Pendant Lights For Perfect Looks

Pendant Lights For Perfect Looks

Pendant lighing continues to be one of the hottest trends this year, offering homeowners a huge variety of designs, textures, styles, colours and materials.  What makes them so compelling is that, unlike normal light fixtures which protrude directly from walls or ceilings, the pendant variety can be slung from a cord, rod or chain, thus instilling a home with elegance and sophistication.

But not all pendant lights aim for a classy appeal.  Some are far more modern, futuristic and bold, while others can be purely vintage or Victorian.

So let's start our journey into the world of pendant lights and explore their rich diversity and charms.

1) Industrial Intrigue

Pendant Lights (2)

 (Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: The Interior Lab)

Our first entry by  The Interior Lab clearly demonstrates the bolder side of pendant lighting.  These aren't the typical fixtures that hang neatly from the ceiling by a single cord, but rather a wild and colourful patchwork of threads arranged without a strict adherence to symmetry.

Like a tangled spiderweb, these pendant lights are beautiful but not laid out in a perfect pattern, which makes them a great fit for this modern industrial home that's also bright and fun.

2) Glass With Class

Pendant Lights (3)

 (Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: Designscale)

But if you're looking for something a little less wild and a bit more elegant than perhaps this next entry is more appropriate?

Whereas the first example used cords, this one employs a pair of thin rods.  Furthermore, here we have an actual glass enclosure versus the bare nakedness of the bulbs in the earlier example.

The rod and glass enclosure combine to produce a sophisticated light-fixture that looks sleek and also harmonizes with the room's dark trims and sharp, angular aesthetic.

3) Cool Copper

Pendant Lights (4)

 (Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: Unity Interior Design)

Our next case study presents some unique characteristics, most notably the yellowish-orange colouring.

That's because this interior highlights a growing trend in Scandinavian decor: the use of copper materials.  Here we see their instant appeal, the flare of gold along the inner-shell of the copper lamps, the interplay of dark and light.  And add to that the lack of repetition or physical symmetry between each of the three lamps, and we have a masterpiece of colour and form.

4) Stylish Contradictions

Pendant Lights (5)

 (Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: Distinctidentity)

Here we have a classic, almost Victorian looking light-fixture.  It's suspended by three finely woven chains, is very ornately designed, and its glass enclosure resembles something from the nineteenth century.

Besides its marvelous shape, the lamp is also the most visually distinct item in the room, its soft yellow glow standing out sharply against the gray and white colours that are so plentiful throughout.

5) Modern Flairs

Pendant Lights (6)

(Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: Thaddeus Interior Associates)

In contrast to the preceding example, this pendant lamp has a more contemporary vibe.  It doesn't strive to be ornate or classic, but modern and fashionable.

The enclosure is beautiful and elegant, with a soothing silver-gray colour scheme and geometric patterns that make it look smooth and refined, but the imperfect, almost ragged wire from which the lamp hangs gives it a rougher edge.

6) Scandinavian Chic

Pendant Lights (7)

(Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: Starry Homestead)

Combining elements of Industrial design with Scandinavian, these pendant lights hang from a network of pipes on the ceiling, reinforcing their factory-warehouse look. 

Although their design is quite simple, the metallic framework which envelops the bulbs is rather attractive and eye-catching, which saves them from being dull.

7) Magical Mixes

Pendant Lights (1)

(Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: Sky Creation)

This dining room is rich with conspicuous and youthful decor, from the colourful picture frames and enormous chalkboards to the use of multiple pendant lights.

What makes this case extraordinary isn't simply the number of lamps, but the variety: seven light-fixtures hang from the ceiling, five of which are just bare bulbs, but two of which are far more tasteful and elaborate.  And the five uncovered lights aren't all on the same level, a slight discrepancy in their elevation being enough to draw our attention.  In comparison, the two enclosed bulbs in the foreground are easily noticeable and add a dignified charm to the room, offsetting the minimalism of their uncovered kind.

In this vivid mix of decor choices, the pendant lamps are distinguished both by their ornateness and austerity.

As these examples have shown, pendant lamps do more than just light up your room.  They light up your life with a huge diversity of styles, materials, colours and designs.



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