Perfect Kitchen appliances you would not want to miss

Perfect Kitchen appliances you would not want to miss

The kitchen is the creative center of the home. It is the place where you get to show your talent with delicious delicacies that provide an excuse for the family to meet and create strong bonds. To get the best out of your kitchen, it is necessary to choose appliances that embody quality, beauty, and functionality. “EF”, the Italian inspired brand of modern kitchen appliances do not only enhance the functionality of your kitchen to new heights, they are also aesthetically beautiful and yet present a professional look.

Introducing  the new EF elegant black tempered glass designer hob EFH-9731 HM VGB, which  incorporates 3 gas burners. While there is one semi rapid burner, 2 of them are wok burners capable of producing 4.5kW heat suitable for Asian cooking. Besides the powerful heat, these 2 wok burners are also incorporated with dual flame control which allow the homemakers the flexibility to adjust the flame. The cast iron pan supports are made from hard-wearing cast iron that is durable and tough; it is also made a little wider so as to provide stable support for pots and pans while cooking.

With this hob, you save the hassle of installing a power plug as the burners are lighted by battery ignition.

This amazing hob adheres to the characteristics of EF kitchen appliances – it provides perfect functionality and control without compromising the elegant but professional look.

(Interior design, home renovation Image Credit: EF Interior : Sky creation)

EF kitchen appliances are designed with the users in mind, particularly those who enjoy cooking and are particular about the look of the product.

Enjoy seamless look of your kitchen with the new line of EF flush hob series which, as the term implies, flushes with your kitchen top. This versatile gas hob, HB FG 4090 TN VGB features four high performance gas burners, including a work burner. Unlike conventional gas hobs, the flush hob is much more sturdy as the cook top is fabricated from 1.8 mm stainless steel.

Powered by built-in battery ignition, you don’t have to scramble in search of matches or a lighter.

(Interior design, home renovation Image Credit: EF Interior : Sky creation)

Cleaning and maintaining the Made in Europe EF Induction HB BI 582A has never been so easy with the cool, smooth and flat ceramic glass surface. Once electric current runs through the electromagnetic coil beneath the ceramic plate, fluctuation magnetic field is generated with no heat on the burner. Thus, the burner zone is not heated up.  When the metal pan or pot is placed on the hob surface, the magnetic field induces many small electric current in the pot or pan’s metal, converting the energy into heat. The pan detector sensor will also automatically adjust to the shape of the pot and heat up instantly. Energy is not wasted on unoccupied areas, which means  the cooking is very much more energy efficient as compared to radiant hob. What’s more, this induction hob offers precise temperature control – cooking power can be adjusted from low (level 1) to high (level 9) for each cooking zone to suit  different cooking needs.


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