Pick your choice: benefits of different kitchen layouts

Thinking about remodeling your kitchens? Can’t figure out the best layout for your space? Well, we’ve got you covered. Further, we’ll be guiding you through the benefits of different kitchen layouts and which one you can pick according to the size and scale of your space!


1. The Long-L Shape

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The Long-L kitchen layout is recommended for spaces that are elongated and rectangular instead of perfectly square. The long countertop formation is usually installed with the cooktop and in-built appliances – including the fridge – while the shorter end is installed with the sink. It’s not ideal, but it does utilize narrow spaces quite efficiently.


2. The Horse Shoe

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The Horseshoe kitchen layout consists of a perfect U-shaped counter formation. It’s extremely efficient, allows for lots of storage/cabinet space, as well as an ideal utilization of the work-triangle. You can optimize the location of the cooktop, sink and fridge to create an almost perfect working system and lots of circulation space to boot.


3. The I-Shape

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When the space is small but needs are large, the I-shaped kitchen layout is your best option. It consists of an ‘i’ shaped single counter along one wall on which all the kitchen appliances and essentials are managed. It usually has a tall counter façade with lots of in-built appliances. While this layout is very efficient for small spaces, it’s not recommended for larger ones.


4. The L-Shape

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Studio 99 Interior

The L-shaped layout is the most common one you’ll find in residences in Singapore. It allows optimal use of the space while providing enough circulation area to do every activity with ease. However, it can be hard to manage the work-triangle in this particular layout. The fridge is usually relegated to the side, or generally kept outside depending on the available space, so beware of that.


5. Incomplete Horseshoe Shape

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: The Interior Place

The incomplete Horseshoe style kitchen layout consists of a U-shaped counter formation. However, the U is not quite complete. It is either broken quickly at one end, or it’s either interrupted in the middle. It depends on how you emulate the work-triangle of fridge, cooktop, and sink into the layout. It’s usually very functional, and allows maximum utility of the space while not compromising the size of space you’ve got.


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