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| Address: 81 Ubi Avenue 4 #01-05, UB.One, Singapore

| Tel: 6538 4074

| Website: http://www.aestherior.sg/

| Email: [email protected]

| Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aestheriorsg/

Aestherior specialises in both residential and commercial interior designing.

We are an Interior design boutique delivering exquisite design and build services in interior design. Established with a passion and commitment to develop exhilarating designs, we also differentiate ourselves with a focus on fine detailing work. Aestherior strives to provide clients with exquisite designs, customised accent pieces, personalised services to create eternal spaces. We take pride in delivering quality results while strictly observing our client's budget and timeline.

3 Responses

  1. 梁溧庭
    Would recommend Roy (Kong) from Aestherior anytime. What drives this firm apart from the remaining 6 proposals was the no-frills seriousness in giving what the customer wants. Aestherior is able to match the design with the budget I'm looking for and the renovation indeed went smoothly generally, especially with the fact that he had to coordinate with my external contractors. The blue door added to the Santorini theme was a pleasant surprise after the 3D and I couldn't appreciate enough the patience rendered when things have to be changed, even at the last minute. The end product turned out to be way better than expected. Thumbs up, Roy!
  2. Paul Yi Shang Eun
    During our first meeting, I was quite amazed by Sebrina’s creative portfolio and her positive attitude. Price was our biggest concern as this is our first home and she quoted a reasonable price as compared to other IDs we have met. During the few weeks of renovation period, she gave us constant updates and followed up everything according to the schedule and tried to meet all our impromptu requests. She even worked with us on all the design detail, fabric, pricing and quality. We personally devoted very little time to the project as she turned our bare looking apartment into a dream vacation home. We were astounded how patient she was in educating us (not selling me rather) on the delicate workmanship and efforts of their processes. For a layman like me with zero knowledge, she was very patient to share with me all her experiences and gave me suggestions whenever I had to make decisions. The place looks great, it was completed on time and we are truly satisfied.
  3. Ow Guat Hong
    I would like to appreciate my thankful to my ID Caleb Cheong, who is helping me a lot during getting done my dream home decoration in Apr17 this year. I was so depanding on his help, because i am working n no one at home, as such his help is so important. He fully cor-ordinate with me and fulfill anything i requested, beside tt he also helping me in receiving items which i purchased, which minimise leave application. I truely trust him so to let him ran my whole house till completion, and I feel really ease. We are now still contact, when i have a party he will be invited. I strongly to recommend him as your ID if you need someone trust just go for him. Indeed recognised his hard work. Jiayu and good luck Caleb.

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