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| Address: 480 MacPherson Road Singapore 368193

| Tel: 6745 8558

| Website: https://www.ecasa.com.sg/

| Enquiry:   [email protected]

| Facebook: hhttps://www.facebook.com/ecasastudio/


At eCasa Studio, we’re here to build smart homes fashioned for the style and tech-savvy individual. Our namesake reflects our company’s goal and purpose. Where ‘e’ refers to the electronic network and ‘casa’ means home in Spanish, the amalgamation of these two terms is synonymous with our objective to combine technology with interior design. 

eCasa Studio first set root in Singapore in 2017, driven by a steadfast purpose to provide owners with only the best experience in home automation. Run your home and have it obey your command from anywhere – whether you’re at work, away on a vacation, or running errands. We’re here to transform the way you live by helping you integrate technology into your living space seamlessly without compromising on style and function.

Maestros In Design

As a full-service local interior design company, eCasa Studio specializes in both residential and commercial design. With strong design background that hails from the UK and almost a decade worth of industry experience, our studio brings to you only the very best in interior know-how. Our discerning eye for both the timeless and what’s on trend combined with a sensitivity that caters to our client’s requests means homeowners can expect distinctive interiors customized to your sense of style and way of life. What sets us apart from other firms is: we do things the smart way.

Smart Move

Welcome to the future of homes. In definition, a smart home is a residence that utilizes internet-connected devices to enable remote monitoring and management of electronic equipment, appliances and systems. Most modern living spaces are already equipped with electronic equipment from the likes of your entertainment system to lighting and cooking appliances. Only they’re controlled independently. Here at eCasa Studio, we seek to streamline the tedious process by bringing everything seamlessly together within a single device. With the use of products that are inventive and intuitive, we work hard to ensure your entire suite of appliances can be accessed with ease anywhere in the world and at a touch of a finger. Ready to make your smart move? Trust us as we guide you through the transition to your very own fully intelligent hi-tech pad.

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