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| Address: 61 Ubi Road 1, #03-02 Oxley Bizhub, Singapore 408727

| Tel: 6717 0770

| Website: http://ideasxchange.com.sg/

IdeasXchange Pte Ltd is a newly set up company in 2014. We specialise in Interior Design, conceptual designing, consultancy, residential renovation and project coordination.

Our keys values that guide us on our journey of success and they are:

  • REVOLUTIONIZED, a commitment to an idea, where we constantly upgrade ourselves to be ahead of this ever-changing fast paced industry. Fostering a work environment that inspire our employees to generate new and fresh ideas, be innovative and support growth within our company and associates
  • Always OPERATE with INTEGRITY. We valued the importance of building trust by being open and held responsible through listening, recognizing and acknowledging on what matters. We practice fair dealings with customers, trade partners, contractors and employees by doing the right thing for them
  • We are dedicated to deliver the HIGHEST VALUE through consistent improvement in the competitive market to bring you the highest quality with the least amount of money. Apart from that, we highly committed to provide an amazing experience in terms of before and after sales services with our customers

22 Responses

  1. Tan
    As referred to by a friend, we went to consult IdeasXchange regarding our renovation. We partly knew what designs we like so we shared the things that we wanted with the designer, Albert, and he gave us useful advices on what can be done and what cannot be done for our home. After looking into our space constraint, he redesigned the home interior accordingly for us. Albert has been accommodative to our needs, and for any disputes that we had, Albert would rectify them and get things done up to our satisfaction. There has been a delay to the original completion timing but that was mainly due to our additional requests so apart from that, we are happy with their services.
  2. Albert is a nice guy to work with. He is professional and takes responsibilities in his work. I handed over the whole house to him and he handled all the renovation works for me. Albert would keep me updated on the renovation progress and I only had to be involved when there were problems or if he needed anything from me. It has been a very hands-off process for me and I trusted him to do a good job, which he did! He did great and everything was finished on time.
  3. It was a positive experience working with IdeasXchange. In fact, most of the works turned out better than our expectations and the end result came close to what we had in mind. Albert has been responsive throughout the process as he follow-up very closely to any issues that we had. As we were not in a hurry to move in, we allowed them sufficient time to do a good job and they managed to deliver.
  4. It was a few years back when I met Javon at a home renovation fair. I had a good impression of him from the start so I kept his contact and decided to get in touch with him again once I'm ready to start my renovation. One of the most important criterias for me in engaging an interior designer is to find someone who is strong in proposing ideas. I'm happy with how Javon took the initiative to proactively propose ideas to me. I laid down my concerns to him and if there's anything that I didn't quite like, I could just let him know. Their carpenters also did a good job because the workmanship was excellent. Since most of the things have been clearly laid out during the process, it paved a smooth renovation journey for me and the job was completed within the expected schedule.
  5. When we first started out on the renovation, we didn't really have a clear idea of how we wanted to design our home. Albert helped a lot in the design generation phase, and he kept our space and budget constraint in mind before coming up with a proposal for us. He has creative ideas on how to maximize spaces, including ideas which we never have thought of. The works also went swiftly so the renovation was completed within 4 weeks, which was a few weeks ahead of our planned schedule! It was really efficient and exceeded our expectations.
  6. Albert Yeo, my interior designer, attended to my house refurbishment needs and queries very well. Albert is usually a phone call away, and he would rectify the problems within 1 or 2 days after listening to my feedback. Albert liaised with all his sub-contractors and should there be any delay in the works, he would let me know of the situation in advance. Though the refurbishment of my new house was completed about a year ago, he was able to attend to our needs promptly when I called him. I am glad I chose the right person to take charge of the refurbishment job and I would say that he had fared much better compared to the first interior designer that I've engaged in the past.
  7. During our discussion, it was fantastic how Albert managed to bring out the things that I really wanted for my home. He understood my ideas and he took notes of all the things that I've told him. Even though my home renovation was not a rush job, he made an effort to update me on the progress so it gave me the assurance that things are moving in the right pace and direction. When it comes to touch-up works, he was definitely not calculative and he would play a part in getting things resolved properly. It was wonderful having a designer as sincere as Albert, which can be hard to find nowadays.
  8. We did comparisons between a few interior design companies, but it ultimately boils down to the reliability of the ID through word-of-mouth that we ended up engaging IdeasXchange to be our ID. It's essential for us to have an interior designer who is responsive so that we can get things cleared at one stage before we could move on smoothly into the next stage of the renovation, and Albert has been great at this. He responded quickly to any issues that we had. The material and interior built-up is of good quality and after the renovation was completed, Albert would still follow up on the touch up works for all the minor flaws. The only issue was that our renovation was carried out during the Hari Raya Haji period, so many of their subcontractors were not around. It has posed quite a challenge there to schedule the timing for the different groups of workers.
  9. My wife and I were tricked by an ID firm who made us pay a 50% deposit, which we later found out was not the norm in the ID industry. The company also kept delaying our work, which we found incredibly frustrating, so we decided to break all ties with the first company and started sourcing for another option. That was when we came to known about IdeasXchange through online searches and we are so glad things turned around as we had a really good experience with IdeasXchange. During the renovation, Vincent, the designer, personally comes down on site to check on the renovation works, and he shows genuine concerns in doing a good job for our home. His experience in construction works comes in handy and he would even do little things himself. We tend to bombard Vincent with a lot questions but he was always patient in answering all our queries. Due to the problems we had earlier on with the first ID, we had an extra tight timeframe to work with but Vincent managed to push through and got our home done within the timeframe. It was such a good experience working with them and we continued keeping in touch and became friends after.
  10. My designer, Albert, is a positive and self-motivating individual who is full of ideas and quick in his response. He provided me with a lot of ideas and practical recommendations instead of just hard-selling things, like what many other IDs do. His price is competitive and his proposal caters to my needs and style. He is very accommodating and even replaced the bathroom tiles 3 times due to our need to realign the shower head. Sometimes he might be a little forgetful when I needed him to touch up some areas but he would usually get things moving once I drop him a gentle reminder. I have referred him to a few friends, and they are all very pleased with his work and service rendered.
  11. We like the design and workmanship of our friend's house that was done up by Albert so we contacted him and scheduled a meet up with him. During the renovation, he was always quick to respond to all our queries and requests. The turnaround time to do touch-ups was short too. Workmanship is excellent and we are very satisfied with his service rendered.
  12. After experiencing two or three renovations in the past, this is the first time the whole process went so smoothly, thanks to the team at IdeasXchange. Javon took charge of the renovation and he ensured that things are proceeded according to the plan so there wasn't any problems at all. For anything that I should be aware of, he would inform me in advance. That helped to keep my mind at ease throughout the process, compared to my previous experiences where I had to go down on site to personally check on the work progress. Ever since the renovation was completed, they would still come back promptly to do touch-ups when necessary.
  13. We like how Albert was able to give us good suggestions on how we can renovate our home, which was in line to the brief that we had given him. The outcome was close to what we wanted it to be and overall, Albert did a good job at coordinating the works with different parties. He would personally come down to check on the works, rather than simply sending his workers to do the checks. The renovation was completed ahead of schedule so this goes on to show that the team at IdeasXchange work very efficiently.
  14. We have heard horror stories about people's horrible renovation experiences so we were quite wary when it comes to our renovation. After scanning for the right interior designer, our renovation journey turned out to be an unexpectedly plesant surprise! Reliability of the ID is one thing that we prioritise and I'm glad IdeasXchange managed to deliver. Albert, our designer, delivered everything as promised and the renovation went smoothly. Everyone involved in the renovation was very professional, including the electricians and subcontractors that IdeasXchange work with. In terms of the timeframe, I have included a timing buffer for rectification works to be done, but they still managed complete everything ahead of time. The actual deliverables came very close to the 3D diagrams so overall, I'm very satisfied with their work.
  15. My relative had previously engaged IdeasXchange for their home renovation so after seeing their designs and quality of work, we went and had a chat with them to discuss about our renovation needs. Other than IdeasXchange, we also did consider other interior design firms. In terms of pricing, what IdeaXchange quoted was reasonable and we also relied on the trust factor that our relative had good experience working with them. Whenever we had changes in mind along the way, Albert would not hesitate to amend the things for us. All minor issues were rectified promptly. There was no delay in the renovation and we managed to move in within the targeted time.
  16. Through word-of-mouth, I got to know about IdeasXchange and heard about their good service and high levels of responsibility. Albert was my designer and what I like about him is that he is always contactable and would update me regularly about the renovation progress. What was most impressive was actually his after-sales service. Albert always offered a counter-solution when we encountered any problems. Even after we have made all the payment and have the renovation works completed, he was more than willing to help us rectify small issues. Overall, the renovation process was a smooth one and it was completed within one month.
  17. I got to know Albert from my colleague and I decided to work with him because he’s an easy-going guy and the price is reasonable too. Throughout the renovation, he was very quick in response and would get things done to my satisfaction.
  18. A few of our cousins' homes were handled by Albert. We were told that he is a trustworthy and reliable interior designer. He has been responsive to whatever I have requested for. It is not an easy feat to handle our renovation as we are particular about certain things, but having said that, we felt he did a great job at handling our project. We took several days to select tiles for our bathrooms and kitchen but he was all patient about it and even gave us his advice on our selections.
  19. Albert is a very friendly and responsible person. He was always quick to respond to my feedbacks regardless of what time I contacted him. His after service care is excellent! After the renovation, we can always go back to him for minor touch ups and add ons without addtional charges. He is very transparent with his costing and we enjoyed working with him.
  20. We met up with a few interior designers and felt that Albert is the most experienced designer among all of them. Unlike the rest of the interior designers, Albert was able to advise us the proper way to construct our shoe cabinet since we had some constraints which we had to work with. His design proposals were also in sync with what we wanted. All touch up works were done up quickly without much delay.
  21. We first met Albert during a road show at an expo and when we spoke, he gave us the confidence that he can do a good job. I was outstation in Taiwan for some time but Albert did all the coordination works to ensure a smooth renovation process for me. Albert is an easy going person and was flexible to changes that I had requested from him. There was only one mistake done by his contractors where they had forgotten to switch off the lights before leaving the place. That aside, I have no complaints as the overall renovation is good.
  22. We got to know IdeasXchange through an internal Facebook group within our neighbourhood. Their quotation is reasonable, consisting of some items which were cheaper and some pricier. When asked about the pricier items, our designer, Albert, was able to justify and explain the reasons behind the higher costs. He even gave us a 3D rendering before collecting our deposit. Overall, he is an experienced and responsible designer. After the installation of our breakfast tabletop, we told him that we did not like how the tabletop was shaped as it kind of differs from the initial sketching. Without any hesitation, Albert dismantled the table top and sent it back to the authorised workshop to get it fixed. All the fixes were done up without any additional charges.

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