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| Address: 61 Ubi Road 1, #03-02 Oxley Bizhub, Singapore 408727

| Tel: 6717 0770

| Website: http://ideasxchange.com.sg/

IdeasXchange Pte Ltd is a newly set up company in 2014. We specialise in Interior Design, conceptual designing, consultancy, residential renovation and project coordination.

Our keys values that guide us on our journey of success and they are:

  • REVOLUTIONIZED, a commitment to an idea, where we constantly upgrade ourselves to be ahead of this ever-changing fast paced industry. Fostering a work environment that inspire our employees to generate new and fresh ideas, be innovative and support growth within our company and associates
  • Always OPERATE with INTEGRITY. We valued the importance of building trust by being open and held responsible through listening, recognizing and acknowledging on what matters. We practice fair dealings with customers, trade partners, contractors and employees by doing the right thing for them
  • We are dedicated to deliver the HIGHEST VALUE through consistent improvement in the competitive market to bring you the highest quality with the least amount of money. Apart from that, we highly committed to provide an amazing experience in terms of before and after sales services with our customers

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