Rezt & Relax Interior

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| Address: 33 Ubi Avenue 3, #02-09, Vertex Tower B, Singapore 408868

| Tel: 6348 7787

| Website: http://www.reztnrelax.com/

Rezt & Relax Interior was started in the year of 2000. It was started by Wilson Teh and John Foo as the directors.They have 4 interior designers at that time. It was started in a very small office space, which was not in a good location for interior design company.

After 1 year, they move the office to Joo Chiat Road. Rezt & Relax Interior started to grow stronger at that time, with 20 interior designers.

In 2010, they managed to buy their own office space in vertex building, our current office at 33 Ubi Avenue 3 #02-09, Vertex Tower B, Singapore 408868.

3 Responses

  1. Knowing that I was on the search for an interior designer, my friend who had previously engaged Rezt & Relax suggested that I check them out. My husband and I clicked well with the designer, Angeline, which was the large deciding factor why we engaged Rezt & Relax for their services. Angeline followed-up with us closely and she was committed to deliver things according to our expectations, which she did. After the renovation, Angeline would still come down to do touch-ups if necessary.
  2. Rezt & Relax had done a good job renovating my home and as a whole, I’m satisfied with the work that they have rendered. The quality of work is decent and what’s most impressive is that they managed to deliver what was promised to us. I worked with Shawn How and Dawn Yap for my renovation. Shawn is very experienced, and he could propose practical ideas since he has a background in contractor works. His experience saved us a lot of time in decision-making since he knows the things that could be done or could not be done. Whereas for Dawn, she is very responsible and takes accountability to keep us updated and resolve the issues that we had. Despite them being slightly pricey in the market, I’ve had good experience with Rezt & Relax and have recommended them to my friends as well.
  3. Danielle was always contactable during our renovation so it was good how we can seek her help whenever we had queries. She shared with us a lot of vendor's contacts, which made sourcing for materials and furniture much easier for us. The renovation costs also came down to an amount which was well within our budget.

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