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| Address: No 8, Kim Keat Lane, Singapore 328865. (Next to Whampoa Market, off Kim Keat Road)

| Tel: +65 63528809

| Website: http://www.skycreation.com.sg/

At Sky Creation, we measure success through customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves on being partners with our customers and it is our imandate to serve our best in terms of quality products and services. We embrace the values of customer service, in recognition that our customers are our best assets, innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit.Integrity is also exemplified in every aspect of our business.

20 Responses

  1. Our renovation works will be starting next week and we would just like to give your designer Sky Lim our deepest appreciation for all the work he has done for us till now. He is no doubt the most detailed, thoughtful and meticulous person I have met and there is no one I can trust more to handle our project. Till now he has given countless ideas, solutions, cost saving methods and responded attentively to our queries and concerns (which is a lot as we are generally the type who like to know everything). His patience is unparalleled and no doubt when the project starts, there will be issues and problems arising to solve and discuss, but I am certain Sky will be able to help us through well. Thank you!
  2. As we rejoice in the festive season in our renovated apartment, we would like to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt gratitude to Kaze, the interior designer, we have engaged from Sky Creation. Our BTO is located at Treetrail@Woodlands. We selected our unit through the Sale of Balance Flat Exercise. Hence, only the standard flat option was available. Floor finishes were not provided in the dry areas of standard flat while doors were provided. With the recent adverse news coverage of companies going into default leaving consumers in a lurch, we were certain that we needed to engage a trustworthy interior design firm. Prior to Sky Creation, we had visited numerous major players of the industry but were not impressed by the one size fits all mediocre design consultations. When we came across Musée open house of SkyCreation, we were impressed by their portfolios yet skeptical due to multiple unsuccessful experiences with the other firms. We met Kaze at the open house and were brought around the open house by him. He gave us an insightful overview of the various designs and materials available in the market. He was also able to incorporate various creative concepts which we neither see nor experience at other firms due to their specialization in carpentry. After the tour, Kaze requested for our floor plan and desired concept. To gauge his capability and creativity, we gave him a very vague idea of what we wanted. As mentioned earlier, since we did not have floor finishes, we were affected by the pre-packed cement screed requirement of HDB. Thus, we requested for homogenous and vinyl flooring quotations for comparison. About two weeks later, he presented us the quotations which were within our budget range in spite of the considerable amount of carpentry. The pre-packed cement screed pricing is mind blowing if we were to opt for homogenous flooring. Therefore, we went with vinyl flooring and appealed for Smooth Floor Rendering (SFR) from HDB. By the second 3D design, he was able to establish a rapport and be on the same track as us. He surpassed our expectations with his second 3D design as he was able to have a good grasp of our preferences. His quick wittedness and attention to detail made working with him a breeze. Prior to key collections in the first week of November 2015, we informed Kaze about it and he offered to help us check the defects for our flat. Even though it was a complimentary service, Kaze arranged to meet us the following day after we did our door opening ritual. We submitted the SFR appeal form to HDB on the same day as the key collections but the SFR works were completed a month later even though we filed a request to move in before Chinese New Year of 2016. The quality of the SFR is terrible. The floor was neither leveled nor smoothened in spite of multiple procrastination from the sub-contractor of HDB Woodlands Branch. In order not to jeopardize the renovation schedule and quality, we decided to fork out the additional budget for Kaze to rectify the uneven floor. Prior to forking out the additional budget, we spoke to other contractors to seek second opinion. However, most of the contractors were not confident in resolving it. In an effort to stay close to the renovation budget, Kaze went the extra mile to attain better pricing to rectify the problem. Eventually, he resolved this matter to perfection. Prior to the commencement of the rest of the renovation works, Kaze prepared a schedule of events and brought us around to shop for fixtures and fittings. Even though we engaged other contractors for lighting and air conditioning, Kaze liaised and coordinated with them on behalf of us. His helpfulness, integrity and promptness were the major determinants that have driven us to write a compliment for him. We were impressed by his integrity to highlight the defects that we have overlooked as well as the promptness to attend to the defects that we have raised. He did not doubt or come out with excuses to shirk responsibility. Our requests were almost handled instantaneously. On top of that, despite of some unforeseen changes and requests in between the renovation works, Kaze assisted us with it and tried his best to make it possible. All in all, despite the hectic schedule, the quality was not compromised. The substantial number of certifications that SkyCreation has been awarded is indeed well-deserved. Once again, we would like to wish everyone a prosperous Lunar New Year. Special thanks to Kaze and SkyCreation:)
  3. We would like to thank Cherish for her efforts in building our dream home. She was really patient through the process and was accommodating to our changes along the way. Thank you for helping us to meet our dateline.
  4. Candice Yee and Claire has been very attentive towards our requirements from day 1 and has been proactive in providing support and ideas throughout the whole project. As the coordinators of the project, they gave a strong sense of ownership and often ensure that all mentioned concerns are well addressed. They have done a good job for us and we will recommend them to others as well. 👍
  5. Thank you Candice and Cherish! Fantastic job thus far! Totally exceeded expectations. Appreciate all the efforts and for always going extra mile. Can't wait for the final product!
  6. We would like to express our gratitude to Vincent Chua!! He understands our requirements and design the house closely to what we wanted! His willingness to solve problems is very important during the whole renovation and has given practical advice! Thanks!! - Erman & Siling
  7. My wife and i would like to express our deepest gratitude to Josh Lim for his excellent after sales service. When i called him up for intermittent power tripped failure in our house, he was prompt in arranging the electrician to rectify the issue based on our tight working schedules. We would highly recommends him to our friends and family for any renovation works. Thank you Josh!
  8. We finally signed up with Sky creation after browsing many magazine and going to different home decor exhibition, all because of the impression Alice Lang given to us. Her attitude and the sincerity have given us much assurance on their work and the quality. Without her in the team to be my home designer, we wouldn't be very happy with the whole renovation process. Sky creation is really lucky to have such staff. She is the only person who can motivate us to go back Sky creation again for the future renovations.
  9. As a first-time home owner, we are unsure about the process and many other stuff which we are required to spend a considerable amount of time on research. Thankfully for Alice Lang, she is patient in answering to our queries as well as listening to our suggestions to the designs, even thou she is the professional in this line. We are very pleased with the outcome of the designs to our cozy home! Alice, Thank you for your dedication and determination, and working so hard in making our home so cozy & beautiful! Meng Wee
  10. designer Sky Lim was In charge of our HDB renovation project. I found that he is very friendly and provide wonderful idea for our renovation work. Throughout the project he was able to coordinate and managing his sub contractor well expect KH aircon contractor. He manage to resolve all the problems in timely. Overall he did a good job.
  11. would like to thank Cherish for her dedication and hard work in overseeing our renovation. Since we first met her, she has always given us her best service every step of the way - always patient, willing to explore our ideas, and giving her maximum attention to every need and detail. She has truly made our experience with Sky Creation a wonderful one. smile emoticon
  12. Your designer Sky Lim did a good job during my recent flat renovation. Sky was patience and flexible to cater to our needs. He was able to work within boundaries and determined to resolve all arising issues with sub contractors. He was also diligent in working on the project to bring it to completion. Overall Sky did a great job to give us a relaxing and beautiful home.
  13. I am writing this letter to express our deep appreciation to Alice, your talented interior designer and very responsible renovation project leader. A cozy home means a lot for family life specifically for a new foreigner coming to Singapore. Due to many reasons, we have to complete renovation under a super stretch time frame. Alice listened our requests patiently and provided suggestions since our first contact. In every consultation session, she spent adequate time with us, from design idea brainstorming, material choice, layout justification, till renovation plan fix. After the construction started, Alice continuously follow up and oversight the progress timely. We were very happy for the services we got, and even after the renovation completed, we got timely supports from Alice for the small follow ups. With this New Year 2016, I believe Sky Creation will achieve a better business progress because of the great company staffs, like Alice. Best regards!
  14. We are writing this letter of compliment to express our sincere thanks to Raymond Lam and Louis Lin who have served us well with your patience and attitude during our renovation period. Throughout the 1 month and 2 weeks of renovation, they are highly responsive to our queries and demands.No matter how trivial or difficult the task is, they diligently and patiently fulfilled them all.Being fickle-minded person, we have been changing our ideas and designs many times.However, not once have Raymond and Louis shown his impatience or displeasure.What impressed us are their service and professionalism throughout the renovation and managed to finish the renovation of our house in such a short time frame. 👍👍👍for their services.My husband and I really glad to have chosen them as my ID
  15. I would like to thank you Alice Lang . She had strike us among a few contractors that we have scouted around with her knowledge of the products and experience. She even extended her "feng shui" knowledge and highlight the do & dons to us for our kids room. She ensured that our reno completed as we had a few hip up on the change of the site supervisor and some approval issue on the HDB. Keep it up Alice! (My boys loves their room very much)
  16. Done by my ID Vincent Chua , patience and helpful through out my renovation. Excellent carpentry work. Bravo Vince👍👍 .. Keep up the good work
  17. I would like to thanks to Cherish for overseeing the renovation of my place for the past 4 month. She was very professional, patient and obliging in listening to my request and query. She would offer her views and suggestions. When i have made the final payment, she responded to my requests for some minor rectifications promptly and pleasantly. Cherish is a great assets to Sky Creation and are reasons for the company's good reputation!! Happy New Year and all the best!
  18. Dear Sky Creation, Thank you for making my renovation with your company a very pleasant and hassle free experience. I am particularly impressed with your Senior Design Consultant, Pei Wen. Pei Wen is very prompt and responsive from the first day of our meeting to the day of handover. She is always punctual, meticulous, organised, creative and helpful to offer alternative solutions to design constraints and time constraints. She always follows up and updates me on the progress of my renovation. The end result? I have a beautiful house with excellent workmanship by your carpentry team. I love my new house and thank you Pei Wen for the wonderful design. Best regards Eunice
  19. I would like to compliment on the services provided by your senior designer Peiwen. She was prompt in getting back to us since the first conversation and gave us suggestions according to our likings. We are very happy with the carpentry works and highly recommend the services.
  20. We would like to express our deep appreciation and thanks to Cherish and Alice for overseeing the renovation of our place through August till December. They were very professional, patient and obliging in listening to our ideas, requests and even demands. Alice is very knowledgeable, practical and always try to offer ideas best for the client. They will offer their views and suggestions but never imposing. When we had problems with the work, they were quick to respond and will see to it as soon as possible. In particular, Cherish has been most helpful especially when the site supervisor resigned suddenly and she took over the responsibility despite having other projects. Even when we have made the final payment, she responded to our requests for some minor rectifications promptly and pleasantly. Both Cherish and Alice are great assets of Sky Creation and are reasons for the company's good reputation!! Happy New Year and all the best! PS. Oh yeas, we must also thank Marcus for responding very quickly to a problem we had with the kitchen cabinets and offered assurances,solutions and decisions.

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