Ravishing Reds: A Bold Colour For Intrepid Decorators

Ravishing Reds:  A Bold Colour For Intrepid Decorators

Most colours are typically associated with a certain mood or feeling: gold for luxury, silver for style, white for elegance, green for nature, and so forth.  Perhaps none is more visually powerful than red.

It is a colour of contradictions, representing both love and lust, danger to be avoided and desire that attracts, subtle sophistication and brazen audacity.

For all these reasons, red is a difficult, almost risky choice for interior designers.  It is often best used for accents and furniture, or for the truly brave, as the one colour that defines your entire living space.

What follows are the 7 examples of this ambitious colour at its best.

1) Fab Furniture

Ravishing Reds (3)

Ravishing Reds (2)

 (Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: Matrix Interior)

Surrounded by bright colours and bold pieces of decor, this set of red chairs feels right at home.  Although they draw attention to themselves, they never overwhelm the senses because of their faded, washed-out appearance.

In short: the red chairs are daring, but not overly so.

2) Colourful Kitchen

Ravishing Reds (4)

 (Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: Urban Design House)

A modern kitchen requires a modern colour.  Here, the use of glossy reds to accent the back wall allows this kitchen to stand out and exude a powerful allure.  Not only does the deep crimson provide a striking contrast to the prevailing whites, but its polished surface reflects the incoming light and gives it further visual appeal.

3) Solid Contrasts

Ravishing Reds (5)

 (Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: Space Sense Studio)

A few solid colours set against each other usually produce the best contrasts.  And as this interior proves, there's no better colour to help red distinguish itself visually than its counterpart black.  Both are powerful when used separately on their own, but when brought together on such a large scale they can add drama and confidence to any room.

4) Victorian Audacity

Ravishing Reds (6)

 (Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: New Nyew Design)

While Victorian interiors are famous for their love of grandeur and luxury, they also cultivate a sense of the elegant.  This example, however, aims for a more brazen and shocking look through its use of our thematic colour.

When we look at the photograph above what immediately catches our eye is the red booth, which is then reflected multiple times in the mirrored sections above, thus optically reinforcing the colour's audacity several times.

Here, red is supposed to be the main attraction and not merely used for accent.

5) Terrific Textures

Ravishing Reds (7)

 (Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: Space Sense Studio)

Sure, red can be smooth and glossy like in the kitchen pictured earlier, or it can be rough, textured and bumpy like in this example.

The use of symmetrical round bumps set against random blocks of white and black shows a contradiction in styles, not only of colours but also between balance and asymmetry.  The result of this contrast is a kitchen that's rebellious and unpredictable, a look it achieves through its generous use of the colour red.

6) A Splash of Colour

Ravishing Reds (8)

 (Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: Design 4 Space)

Unlike the powerful opposition gained by setting red against black, using a hint of red in a roomful of whites creates a more elegant effect.  In this photograph red captures our gaze through the simplest of contrasts, bringing a sense of fun and daring to an interior that's otherwise gentle.

7) For The Fearless

Ravishing Reds (9)

 (Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: I-Bridge Design)

While most use red for accents only the bravest use it to define their entire home.

Here we find many of our previous elements at play: the contrast of solid reds and blacks for maximum visual impact, utilizing red pillows to accent the darker sofa, and providing vibrant textures like on the wall above.

But this interior takes our thematic colour to another level, using it in abundance for cabinets, drawers, art, and even entire walls.  When all these different come together we're left with a home that's the embodiment of fearless design, something that's attractive yet a little dangerous, ultramodern yet still classy—a home that distinguishes itself through the power of one colour.

Red might not be for everyone.  A little dash here or a little splash there might be enough for most.  But as these seven examples have proven, if you're brave enough there's no colour better suited to bringing life and excitement to your home.



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