Redefine The Style Of Your Home With These 5 Media Wall Inspirations

A good media wall can drastically change the outlook of your home. Whether it’s the style of its form or whether it’s the material and color scheme you’ve implemented, a media wall has the ability to completely transform the aesthetics of a space. Even if you do not go for a full-scale renovation, simply having a media wall constructed in your home can make all the difference. So further, we’ll be sharing some amazing media wall inspirations that can help you redefine the visuals of your home!


1. The back wall extension

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: The Orange Cube

A media wall is so effective in transforming the visuals of your home because it has a large scale. It takes on an entire feature wall and is finished in a variety of relevant materials. This is the reason that this particular media wall is so impactful. It makes use of the entire back-wall of the TV console to provide a drastic aesthetic change to the whole room.



2. Simple console designs

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: The Orange Cube

If you cannot afford the carpentry works that come with a huge media wall, you can also go for a simple console. These are usually low height and provide ample provision to store all your media paraphernalia. Moreover, they can be customized in design according to any style. This particular media console is a definite look. Its wooden form and stylish physique are definitely a major focal point for this living room interior design.



3. Accessorizing

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: The Orange Cube

Media walls are the perfect interior design furnishings to accommodate your freestanding décor. While they mostly retain their own individual aesthetics, they also have some in-built shelving that can nicely accommodate your accessories. The media wall in this image is a good example. It features a shelving unit that has been accessories with prized possessions of the client and add more visual value to the space.



4. When simplicity is your jam

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: The Orange Cube

Media walls can definitely embrace the simple side, but be careful about your choice of materials with that respect. The dark, wooden laminates used in this media wall are definitely a great choice to emulate a plain but effective impact. It’s simple without being too ornate or decorative – just the right amount of straightforward to give this living room some personality.



5. Use material combinations

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: The Orange Cube

The media wall can be the perfect canvas to blend several material choices in order to get the best visual results. You can experiment with different materials according to your running theme in order to get the most inspiring visuals. The media wall in this image is a great example of such a design.

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