Redefine Your Decor Through The Power Of Art

Redefine Your Decor Through The Power Of Art  

One of the most effective ways to distinguish a home and give it identity is through art.  Whether it's a painting or a picture, the great advantage of art is its infinite versatility.  Just as there are different styles of decor which appeal more to some and less to others, such as Victorian extravagance over Scandinavian austerity, or Industrial metals over natural materials, there are countless forms of art suited to individual tastes.

Landscapes, portraits, abstracts, still life, cultural or religious works—the list of genres is endless.  So based on your decor and unique tastes, why not hang a painting or a picture and bring some life, colour and personality to your home?

The following examples may lend some inspiration.

Audacious Art

Art (2)

(Interior Design Singapore, Home Renovation Singapore Image  Source: Living Icon)

Here we find three modern paintings that make up a larger set.  Each is distinguished by a handful of bright colours, contains abstract elements, and all of them feature female leads.  Even in such a colourful and vibrant interior, these three works stand out, attesting to the power of their composition.

Although our first example is quite bold, it conforms to the overall style of the room, as evidenced by the bizarre and eclectic furniture (and the somewhat cheeky pillows).

Colourful Statements

Art (3)

(Interior Design Singapore, Home Renovation Singapore Image  Source: Areana Creation)

In rooms with a limited colour palette such as this one, adding a simple painting can work wonders.  Here, the vibrant hues of the painting instantly draw our eye, using primary colours as a means of grabbing the viewer's attention and also adding some welcome energy to the otherwise subdued atmosphere.

Powerful Contrasts

Art (4)

(Interior Design Singapore, Home Renovation Singapore Image  Source: Icon Interior Design)

Our next example looks like it was made specifically for this apartment.  Like the interior, it uses a simple monochromatic scheme to define itself, thus harmonizing perfectly with its surroundings.  The abstract form it takes is also mesmerizing, capturing our gaze and making us ponder what we're looking at.  Art that appeals both visually and intellectually is quite rare, and always worth having.

Delightful Dandelions

Art (5)

(Interior Design Singapore, Home Renovation Singapore Image  Source: Ax Image Design Concepts)

Sometimes a large photograph is the way to go.  These giant dandelions are certainly attractive, but it's the different degrees of focus and blur which makes them remarkable.  Instead of looking just once and moving on, we're forced to look again and again to discover new details.

Clever Canvas

Art (6)

(Interior Design Singapore, Home Renovation Singapore Image  Source: ZL Construction)

Art on a canvas is nothing new, but when it appears on a door we tend to look closer.  Here, the art is partially mobile, changing places as the door opens and closes.  And the use of flourishes, different font types, sizes and bold characters helps it stand out.

Defined By Details

Art (7)

(Interior Design Singapore, Home Renovation Singapore Image  Source: homedesign)

It makes sense that a Victorian interior—which is typically characterized by complexity and extravagance—is home to artwork just as opulent and intricate.  The numerous works which hang from the right wall are so finely detailed that our eyes are momentarily dazed, wandering over their surfaces and trying to understand what we see.

In addition, the colours of the paintings complement those used throughout the room, thus adding another layer to the overall effect.

Unique Perspectives

Art (8)

(Interior Design Singapore, Home Renovation Singapore Image  Source: Euphoric Designs)

The dark silhouettes of these birds make a great addition to an otherwise plain and boring wall.  Not only that, their arrangement makes the birds appear almost three-dimensional, like they're leaping off the surface and flying into the air—perhaps towards those bright, sunny lamps or that blue wall which resembles a sky.

Private Galleries

Art (1)

(Interior Design Singapore, Home Renovation Singapore Image  Source: Ideal Design Interior)

Our final example takes the idea owning art to a whole new level.  The sheer amount of paintings and the great variety of shapes, sizes, colours and styles (including cultural, abstract and landscapes) makes this home appear more like a professional art gallery than an apartment.

If you're passionate about art, why not show it off?

These preceding examples all reveal how works of art, whether it's a single painting or enough to start your own gallery, can add character to a home.  Regardless of decor or individual tastes, there's a piece of art waiting to be mounted on your wall—and redefine it for the better.



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