Refreshing Living Rooms with Modern Design and Fabulous Colors

Refreshing Living Rooms with Modern Design and Fabulous Colors

1: A Stylish Apartment with Raw Materials and Finishes



(Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: Freshome

The raw finish of this apartment from Freshome is the biggest highlight among many great features. The living room has especially benefitted from this approach. The vast space has been utilized with such care that every corner of this living room radiates a new energy in the house. Be it those wooden or LED patches, or the abstract patterns on the rug, every element in the interior serves its purpose. And there is always a portrait of David Lynch watching over you.

2: Chic, Urban, Unfinished Appeal

image004 image005 image006

(Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: Free Space Intent)

A living room looking out to the greenery will win your heart at this exceptional place from Free Space Intent. Not to forget that the living area is very vast and there is room for so many to sit together and enjoy a good day together. A large central rug defines the focal point of the space while a number of couches allow you to seat and read after picking any book from the available bookshelf. Shades of green are also providing this region with a peaceful natural vibe.

3: A Modern Futuristic Concept

image007 image008

(Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: NID Design Studio)

This is one living room that has clearly benefitted from a very careful choice of colors for various design elements. The major shades in the living area are neutral ones, but the patches of black appear rightly to create the appropriate contrasts. Also, there is a touch of softness to the overall place and you will always find yourself returning here to spend some more time, again and again. Comfortable and romantic vibe is the theme of this apartment and the living area is no different.

4: Home Décor Creating a Spirit of Old Combined With Modern


Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: Sky Creation)

The major design element in this living room is apparent at a single glance. Yes, it’s that huge sidewall made wholly of exposed bricks of white and light-brown hues. This has filled this spacious Industrial living room with a warm energy that extends comfort and peace at this place. The furniture and sofa choices are also top notch with their abstract and minimalistic designs respectively.

5: Crisp Industrial Vibe


Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: Oakthree Studios

The success of this living room cannot be alluded to one particular feature. There are so many things at work here. First is the minimalistic design that has allowed every interior element to express its utility. Soft white shades against warm brown have also worked wonders. And so has the rug that has been so seamlessly integrated with the living room floor. Other graphics on the wall also make use of lighter shades as do the draperies. This has created a simple but timeless living area to spend some quality time.


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