Remodel Your Kitchen Cabinets With Excel Hardware’s Newest Handles Range

Cabinets are the most important part of your kitchens as they are both functionally relevant and also define the visuals of your space. Most homeowners tend to often overlook the importance of selecting good handles. However, the handles are equally important as not only do they complement the overall style of the kitchen, but they also need to have a comfortable grab hold for the user.

Image Source: Excel Hardware

Excel Hardware’s newest range of cabinet handles have been tailor-made and features a plethora of amazing designs. Manufactured using only top-grade materials and you can easily buy them at competitive prices. Further, we’ll be featuring 5 of our favorite handles from their collection. Let’s take a look:


1. The Excel Al - Hollow Tubular Aluminum Handle

Image Source: Excel Hardware

The sleek, simple aesthetic of the hollow tubular aluminum handle is perfect for all contemporary spaces. The grab-hold has been specifically designed in an ergonomic and comfortable fashion. It’s also available in 7 different dimensions so that you can pick one that is the most comfortable for your use. If you’re worried about any disfigurement or staining, then rest at ease. Warranting excellent quality, this handle has been manufactured out of industrial grade steel and would definitely last you a lifetime.



2. Excel Handle – Hollow Tubular

Image Source: Excel Hardware

If simple, minimalist and delicate are the qualities that you’re looking for, then this particular handle is definitely the one for you. The simplicity of its design is carried through its hollow and tubular form. It features a very delicate design that ensures an easy grip for everyone. It’s also been constructed from top quality industrial grade steel so you’ll never have to worry about any deformities, stains or scratches. You can easily pair it up with any modern style cabinet, shelf or drawer that you like.


3. Excel Handle – Metal Blunt Pinocchio

Image Source: Excel Hardware

Styled like a straight line, this handle is definitely one of the best ones from Excel Hardware’s collection. Made from a combination of industrial grade steel and a zinc alloy, it’s definitely going to last you a lifetime. It’s available in 12 different dimensions so that you can choose one which is the most ergonomic for you. Emphasizing comfort and style with a pragmatic escutcheon plate under the handle, you’ll never find any dirty fingertips on it as well.


4. Excel Handle – Royal Viva Blossom

Image Source: Excel Hardware

This handle is all about bringing in a classic vibe into your contemporary interiors. The delicate aesthetic appeal of the Royal Viva Blossom handle comes from its porcelain construction. The floral detailing in the middle is inspired from Chinese delicacies, while the brass colored door attachments complement it with a vintage appeal. The whole of porcelain has been mixed with a self-disinfecting alloy that makes this handle absolutely hygienic to use!


5. Excel Handle – Venus Victorian Handle

Image Source: Excel Hardware

The design of this particular handle was inspired by the crown of Venus herself. It’s very ornately detailed and features a classic retro finish. It has been designed out of a zinc alloy and finished with antique rose. It’s also abrasion resistant and warrants an utmost durability. If you’re looking for a showstopping hardware then this is definitely it.


With optimal convenience and a great visual appeal like that, what else do you need? You can check out more of these handles from Excel Hardware’s collection right here.

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