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Renopedia’s renovation event videos

Thanks to all homeowners who had participate in our annual home renovation events from 2017 - 2021.

These are some of the videos taken either for our participating merchants or during the events.

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Find the best home interior design firm and custom carpentry services in Singapore. We provide high-quality custom furniture for homes or offices room.


You can get renovation ideas from family, friends, and colleagues. However, does they truly successfully reflect what you desire?

Well, there is challenge to finding a sophisticated, stylish interior décor theme or the right designer for your space. This is because it is challenging to filter out one among thousand inspirations that satisfy you. At the end of the day, you will want an ideal interior designer in Singapore. This person have makes renovation and interior décor process easy and smooth. Not only this, he will have to implement your plan 100% as you wish.

However, you don’t need to feel let down. It is because Renopedia has got you covered on both fronts if Singapore is where your home is. This is because we have the largest collection of home interior design videos on Renotube. Not only this, we have access to the top-notch interior designers. In summary, Renopedia can be your partner for Home Renovation in Singapore.

Introduction To Renotube By Renopedia

Renotube by Renopedia is one of the big boys in the online renovation video media in Singapore. This is because our videos specialize in helping homeowners to find interior design and renovation inspirations, tips, ideas, and solutions!

Renopedia is one of the leading renovation platfrom dealing with home renovation in Singapore. The company has decades of experience working with top-notch and licensed HBD renovation companies in Singapore. We also partner interior design firms in Singapore that complete all phases of renovation. The phrases starts from planning to designing with full dedication. Our partner companies offer a broad spectrum of services. These services including office and home renovation in Singapore.

Renotube by Renopedia is committed to bringing revolutionary and innovative renovation ideas and solutions. So, you can bring creativity to your space. You can also learn how to re-shape the living environment from professionals. We strive to come up with authentic and high-quality design ideas that synchronize with your expectations and budget. No doubt, Renotube enjoys a strong reputation among its viewers for its professionalism and quality of content.

We work with firms that believe in hard work, integrity, and are persistent in the pursuit of excellence and quality.

So, as far as help around the house goes, our selection from hundreds of interior design inspirational and instructional videos on YouTube and Facebook cover topics the average home-owner would be happy to tackle without paid help from a third-party provider. You will learn everything relating to interior design and renovation, like how to choose interior design firm and renovation materials. You will learn what color combinations work best and what themes would give life to old designs. And if that’s not enough, more videos can be found at its leading site.

Keep You Up-To-Date with Latest Trends in Interior Design

You do not need to worry if your space has an old design. This is because new themes and trends do not go with the interior shape of your place. Renotube provides avid learner with rich video content on home renovation. You can learn a lot because we have all the tips and tricks to vamp up your space. Our platform is immensely useful for interior design enthusiasts. The video content will keep you updated with the latest trends in the interior design industry.

What is gone and what is in fashion, Renotube will tell you all this at one place. Implementing ideas is one thing, and knowing how to tackle different problems during the process is an important concern.

Therefore, our videos provide solutions to issues that usually come when renovating or designing..


Real People, Real Renovations, Real Interior Design Solutions

Our video content is full of information. You will find videos in which real homeowners in Singapore renovate their homes by taking services of renowned designers. These videos will answer many questions that tease you when you think about renovating your space.

Seeing real designers working in front of you will untie many knots in your mind as well as remove the fear of starting something new. You will get many inspirations by watching our videos.

Save Your Time and Money

Interior designing is a task that requires adequate time and attention. However, it is quite difficult in this busy world of today.but with us. Our platform helps you in two ways because we value your time.

1. Renopedia provides access to all the top-notch interior designers and companies of Singapore in one place with their designer portfolios. We match you with 5 of the best depending on your requirements and budget swiftly. Moreover, seeing top-notch interior designers at work, you will get to know their approach, quality of work.

You can also see if what they offer is what you are looking for in your interior designer. Having access to company portfolios and their work in videos really helps you judge the work thoroughly, and you can decide on the one that suits you best.

2. If you are low on budget, and your house needs renovation, this can be pretty disturbing. However, you can be creative and do many things at your facility on your own with the help of Renotube. The Internet is full of interior home décor and renovation related material. However, not every idea is useful for you. Thus, learning tips from the best with years of experience in the field is the right approach.

Our home interior design videos provide standard solutions used by professional interior designers for home renovation in Singapore. There are multiple solutions and tips on different issues. These tips can help you accommodate all your requirements with confidence. Moreover, these tips can accommodate whether it is classic, old, or a new place.

Locate the Right Renovation Company in Singapore for your Needs

The layout looks and feels of your interior design is profoundly close to your taste. With regards to renovation, one of the key contemplations is that you must make a space that addresses your preferences and way of life.

Picking the right interior design firm in Singapore for your home renovation is the first step towards creating your dream home. The right interior designer is one who can understand your preference. In addition, he must instinctively comprehend the sort of interior design that is most appropriate to your way of life.

At Renopedia, we have practical experience in matching homeowners with interior design firms in Singapore that suit their renovation needs and interior design desire. Our identity is to provide excellent service tips, ideas, and reliable solutions that suit every budget and dream.


Renovation Packages for BTO, HDB, Condo and landed houses

Are you hoping to utilize the space accessible in your HDB/BTO/Condo? Are you going to execute a one of a kind interior expectation for your home? Renopedia works with different partners to provide you with renovation packages that suit your needs.

Long stretches of involvement with the interior design industry in Singapore have empowered us to develop an extensive system of the best interior design firms in Singapore. Therefore, our experience enables us to provide homeowners with the best renovation packages to suit their needs.

Looking for HDB renovation experts who knows how is an experience in small space planning ? looking for famous interior designers in the design world who have some expertise in present-day interiors? Renopedia can associate you with the right renovation firms in Singapore for your needs.

Right Renovation Services In Singapore

Some may need some significant upgrades at your present living place or at an older condo/home that you recently bought. Others might need partial or complete house renovation. Both renovations can involve renovating the main structural elements and can be extensive.

Many renovations start from scratch, but sometimes you wish to preserve specific finishes that may still be in good condition. These can include trim work, flooring, wall surfaces, and, most importantly, mechanical system of the house, including HVAC, plumbing, and electrical system.

If both cases, you must know that with Renopedia, you will be dealing with professionals. Our partner firms have completed many successful renovation projects in Singapore using customized approaches and working closely with the clients.

So, it is a full renovation or adding new elements to your old space, working with professionals will give new life to your classic interior and a unique look to your new living space.


Are you tired of finding an experienced home renovator or you are low on budget? Do not have any time to renovate your place yourself? Then without any delay, visit Renopedia.
Renopedia will connect and match you with Singapore’s renovation company to get their free and non-obligatory quotes.

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How To Create Your Ideal Dream Home In Singapore

No matter if you’re renovating your home or building your home, the project is bound to get out of hand and spin out of control. It can become challenging for you to manage the things going around in your home and workplace simultaneously.

The best way to get both projects done at the right time without you losing your head is to hire the services of an interior designer. But hiring a good interior designer isn’t that simple. In this blog, we are going