Retro In A Modern Home

Retro is one of the most beloved interior designs aesthetic in the infinite tier of the latest and greatest design styles. It blends beautiful looks with funky and playful aspects that lend a unique vibe to your interior design.

It is style that captivates the ‘dated’ look and translates it through modern materials and accessories. You can also find some very distinct color palates that make up this design. It’s a truly distinguished style that can make any space seem playful yet grounded at the same time. Today, we’ll be looking at some easy ways you can incorporate a bit of retro in your homes.


1. Start with the kitchens

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: NorthWest Interior

Kitchens are the trickiest spaces to deliver the retro aesthetic. They’re eighty percent functional in capacity but you still have to factor in the aesthetics. So you can use the under-counters and backsplash to bring in the retro vibe in your spaces. Textured wood and colorful patterned backsplashes are some go-to design techniques when it comes to bringing out the retro in any space.


2. The furniture style

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: NorthWest Interior

As you know, furniture style varies from style to style. The retro aesthetic has its very own aesthetic and relevant furniture style. You can run a basic search on ‘interior design through the decades’ to look at the evolution of furniture styles that came in the past fifty years. You’ll find tulip tables, vintage furniture and so many more ideas that can give you a basic outlook on what kind of furniture to go for.



3. Color scheme

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: NorthWest Interior

Contemporary retro color schemes are usually pretty colorful if not downright neon. The idea is to bring out the ‘dated’ look that was ‘it’ back in the day. You’ll find adequate inspiration in movies like Pulp Fiction and TV shows like Friends. You’ll notice that the overall delivery of color scheme in retro interiors can be very understated as well. For example, you can use light lemon yellow as a high contrast color and still get a very retro vibe in your interiors.



4. Accessories

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Mesh Werk Studio

Accessories are a big part of designing successful retro interior designs. But many people can’t really identify truly retro baubles and trinkets. For example, a Marilyn Monroe pop-art style painting is retro, but a bunch of cupid bauble are not. You can easily find vintage retro accessories such as movie cameras, wine bottles, vases or functional trinkets.



5. Patterns

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Oakthree Studios

Nothing screams ‘retro’ more than a nice animal pattern rug or wallpaper. They used to be big hits back in the day, especially in the 70s, but the actual execution wasn’t very elegant at the time. Today however, we have enough innovative liberty to dress our home interior designs in subtle patterned rugs, wallpapers and even furniture upholstery to bring out a more sophisticated side of this sort of ‘retro’ aesthetic.

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