Revamp Your Kitchen Functionality with Excel Hardware

Excel Hardware is a renowned kitchen hardware company that has been pioneering a remarkable change in the design industry for quite a while now. They are constantly coming up with innovative ideas to improve the kitchen usability, and today we’ll be featuring 3 of the newest products in their collection. Let’s take a look:


1. Excel-Vicenzo Nero Black Series Double Wall Soft-Closing System

Image Source: Excel Hardware

This drawer series by Excel is definitely one of the best kitchen accessories that you can invest in. Its soft closing mechanism makes it easy to pull open and close without making any loud banging noises. Moreover, it is neatly finished, cleanly designed, and has ample interior space for all sorts of kitchen utensils. You will never have to worry about its structural integrity as its dynamic loading can take up to 40 kg of weight without sagging. But most of all, its neat finish and contemporary outlook makes it perfect for all sorts of modern kitchen designs.

2. Excel-Costanzo-Top Stay Lift Up System, Nero Black Cover

Image Source: Excel Hardware


This Lift Up system by Excel is a masterful innovation that is versatile enough to be used in a number of spaces including kitchen cabinets, living room cabinets, and even dining room shelves. Its agile and unconstrained mechanism makes it easy to lift up any cabinet doors which optimizes the cabinet storage and makes it easy to access their interiors. Its pneumatic arms operated doors are an engineering marvel that is highly comfortable to work with and elegant to look at. The opening angle of this Lift Up system spans 107 degrees and even features a unique adjustable soft-closing speed. You can even personalize its decorative cover.


3. Excel-Robusto Soft-Closing F. Extension Undermount

Image Source: Excel Hardware

The F. Extension by Excel has been specially designed to absorb all the violent shocks exerted by the user while closing the drawer so that it makes zero noise and gently slides in. This mechanism works both ways – i.e. closing in and yanking out. The precision engineering emulated in the design of this fixture is state of the art, plus the great price of the product makes it a totally affordable choice. Made from industrial grade materials, alloys, plastic, and rubber, you’ll definitely appreciate installing it in your kitchens.


So, now that you have a taken a look at these newest innovative hardware accessories, you can start planning your newest kitchen revamp!

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