Role Of Lighting In Modern Home Interior

The lighting sets the mood and ambiance of a room while affecting the perceived size of the space. The placement and type of lighting you use also matters a lot when it comes to your interior design.

Lighting should be in the perfect balance with the colour scheme of your space, room size, furniture, and availability of natural light. These elements, together with the right lighting, help achieve a seamless combination of style and functionality.


1. Colour Management

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Lighting can significantly add to or subtract from the shades of any space. For instance, darker shades make your space feel cramped and smaller, while light colours make the room look bigger and well-organized. Light, reflected off the wall’s surface, create the illusion of a bigger space.

Moreover, directional lighting softens the colours on your walls, while recessed lighting provides a soft, downward glow on floors. Lights hung on the room’s center, illuminating the room, be it dark or light coloured.


2. Space

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For darker spaces, choose lights and their placement considering more full-spectrum natural light. In a room, which lacks enough lighting, it feels cramped. Adding to it, close-proximity of furniture such as a coffee table, sofa, chair, and more, in a smaller space, making it look even more cramped.

On the other hand, corner lamps and centrally hanging lights on the ceiling make a room appear brightened and create a visually larger space. This arrangement fits well in every setting – home or office.

Natural lightings are preferred over manmade lighting because of their unique effects and feel. You can consider large windows for more natural lights, and use sheer drapes to let the maximum sunlight in.


3. Furniture

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The lighting you select should complement your furniture in the best possible way. For instance, with dark leather sofas and mahogany furniture, a room may feel enclosed and smaller. If you use bright ceiling lights, space will feel more open and airier, especially with a chandelier.

On the other hand, if you have lighter furniture and you choose a minimalist theme, stylish picture lights and wall lights serve as to be more directional. These lights help highlight accent pieces of furniture that draw the attention of your visitors.


4. Room’s Orientation

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For a north-facing room that doesn’t have enough natural sunlight, you need to be thoughtful when choosing the lighting.

For a dark bedroom, you can combine central chandelier paired with discrete up-lights in the corners. You can still have bedside lamps for your ease and quick access to the lighting.

You can install recessed fixtures in a north-facing living room. This arrangement complements a central pendant that lights up the room by spreading the light horizontally. Ideally, use table lamps for light up dark corners, and you can draw attention by having two sconces.


Final Words

Install lighting in your home adequately using these ideas so that you can light up all rooms in your home in a perfect manner. Make sure you consider the overall theme of your space when choosing the lighting for your space.

Do you have more ideas in mind? Let us know in the comment section below.


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