Romantic Secret: Rose Color For Home Interior Designs

The latest rage in interior design color palates seem to be inspired by the phenomenal success of Millennial Pink in 2017. Rose colors is now an instant sensation. From upscale designer name, Elle Décor to generic collections on Pinterest, you can find several posh spaces that have been beautifully done in rose colors. This soon to become a great trend which is why we want to show you some creative ways that you can use for your home interior.


1. Powder Blue

Interior DesignHome Renovation, Image Source: Weiken.com

Powder blue is the ultimate pastel hue when you want to introduce a cool, understated elegance in your interior designs. This image shows an interior designed by Weiken, and they’ve used the underrated quality of the powder blue aesthetic to introduce a chic, sophisticated aura in the space. Coupled with the light wooden textures and white backdrop, this interior design looks absolutely phenomenal. You can do the same thing to complement your powder blue color scheme.



2. Blush Pink

Interior DesignHome Renovation, Image Source: Weiken.com

Better known as Millennial Pink, this color has been a globalized darling of 2017’s interior design industry and is still going strong. Playful but subdued, you can use this color in small accents through paint or fabric. The Weiken interior design team has used it in the retro stool-chair upholstery and the curtains with a backdrop of white. The combined effect of these two hues is definitely picture perfect!

Interior DesignHome Renovation, Image Source: Weiken.com



3. Peach

Interior DesignHome Renovation, Image Source: Weiken.com

Peach can be a tricky color to be used in interior designs. It is bright enough that you cannot use it in excess. On the other hand, it has a vibrant quality that can create a whole ambiance look absolutely refreshing. This is such a perfect balance to use peach color in this home interior. By using only a single peach colored couch cushion in a sea of white and greys, they’ve made the whole space seem the height of upscale elegance and sophistication.



4. Gorgeous Greige

Interior DesignHome Renovation, Image Source: Weiken.com

Anyone in the interior design industry can tell you that a combination of grey and beige has been dubbed ‘Greige.’ While it’s not the most conventional rose colored accent, it does portray a highly chic backdrop to such colors. As you can see it adds a touch of understated darkness that ends up making the peach accent even more prominent.

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