Rubine’s 4-Series Toilet Suite; Comfort and Aesthetics, All In One

Most people are willing to spend money on designing their bathroom because it is the most personalized place in every home.

To meet the demand, Rubine recently launched their Toilet Suite Collection. It is designed functionality with a blend of Eco-friendly and aesthetically.

Rubine now presents a 4 series toilet suite that can redefine your bathroom aesthetic. It’s being lovingly dubbed the ‘modern revolution of your bathroom’ – one that is sure to make your modern bathrooms better!



The 4 Series Toilet Suite


1. Isole

 Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Rubine

The R. Isole from Rubine’s newest toilet suite collection is a study in unique aesthetics and functional design. it comes in a square-lined body that is quite a breakaway from the conventional toilet design. Here’s a breakdown of all the R. Isole  has to offer:


  • It comes in 2 models and offers different installation typologies, including; the wall mount model and floor mount model with an S-Trap.
  • All three models feature a distinct style of their own.
  • It comes with a vortex flushing system and has achieved a high water conservation of WELS in Singapore.
  • It’s sleek, minimal style aesthetics define a delicate beauty that will add to the looks of any regular bathroom design.





2. Velino

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Rubine

Practical, hygienic, and extremely ergonomic, the M. Velino is one of the best and most user-friendly toilet suites in the new Rubine’s collection. It features a white ceramic surface that is easy to clean. Here’s a list of all its amazing qualities:

  • It offers an ergonomic pan height.
  • It comes with a special glazing formula that makes it extremely easy to clean and shine.
  • The M. Velino comes in 2 models. One is a wall mount with a concealed flushing system. The second one is a floor mount with a 10” S-Trap.
  • The design is truly modern and it is extremely easy to maintain ensure a feel-good factor and everyday convenience.





3. Marmoroa

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Rubine

The L. Marmoroa toilet suite is simple in design, and comes with quality accessories. It features softly rounded edges that look absolutely gorgeous. It’s a very straightforward look, but customers tend to love it. Take a look at its qualities:

  • This toilet comes with a 6” S-Trap, and is definitely the best of its kind.
  • UF seat cover with soft closing and stainless steel hinges
  • Its softly curved form is extremely attractive an adds to the aesthetics of the bathroom interior design.
  • It is also tested and approved with high water conservation of WELS in Singapore.
  • It reduces utility bills and is totally ergonomic and user-friendly.



4. Paradiso

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Rubine

You’ll definitely get your money’s worth with Rubine’s G. Paradiso collection. It’s sleek, stylish and sophisticated – the perfect choice for a trendy modern bathroom interior. Let’s take a look at some of its major qualitative values:

  • It features a clean, homely look that appeals to all manner of customers.
  • Its aesthetic has a universal appeal.
  • It comes with a 6” S-Trap with a decent seat cover.
  • You can even buy an add-on complementary tower bar and paper holder to get a wholesome interior design.


Selecting the best toilet is always essential in order to enjoy an easier and ergonomic life while going for quality aesthetics at the same time. Rubine understands the dual purpose of these toilets; hence, they launched this truly comfortable and attractive series! What are you waiting for if you want to get a comfortable and attractive toilet series?

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