Scandinavian – Embracing the Nordic

Scandinavian – Embracing the Nordic

The Nordic style of interior design has been trending across the globe for the better part of the last decade now. Most of the time, it is innocuous enough to be mixed up with the modern or even contemporary genre, but it does have a few defining characteristics of its own. The Scandinavian style is not as rich as the rustic or prairie style, but it does have that inherent use of wood, that is curbed by the apparition of a cool color scheme that can balance out the visual imbalance of a more richly organic theme. The Nordic style also incorporates the use of earthy materials such as leather, and welcomes a clean, cut aura that is achieved by the use of lean lines and straight furniture formations. Most of the time, a Nordic style interior uses architectural inhibitions and additions to add a bit of oomph to its style – large windows to let in an ample amount of natural light is one of these design formations. The natural light not only curbs the more organic features of this kind of an interior, but adds on a capaciousness to the ambient settings. Today, we will be looking at a few Nordic interiors that might make you want a Scandinavian aura of your own.

1. Earthy

Nordic designs make wood a feature element of their design, and their ambiance is enhanced by natural, organic, and earthy textures, which this interior has a plethora of. The wood creates a nice contrast with the white of the brick and ceiling, and the planter brings in a bit of the outside into your design.

Scandinavian – Embracing the Nordic (1)

Image Source: Sky Creation

2. Greys

This interior combines a subdued color palate to tone out the earthy brightness of the wood and brick. The lighting palate is unique, in that instead of being fluorescent to accompany the majority grey area of the interior, it highlights the browns with bright gold’s – which is not at all a bad idea.

Scandinavian – Embracing the Nordic (2)


3. Minimalism

Aside from heavy, natural tones pacified by strategic placement of greys, Nordic interiors also incorporate the ideology of minimalism into their interiors. This particular one is especially intriguing, as it combines natural lighting with and straight, cutting lines with the rest of its interior scheme.

Scandinavian – Embracing the Nordic (3)

Image Source: Unity Interior Design Pte Ltd

4. Openness

Nordic interiors are capacious, so the earthy tones do not get a bit too overbearing. This interior merges that concept with the idea of natural light and manages to create an environment that is spacious without being too agoraphobic or minimal.

Scandinavian – Embracing the Nordic (4)

Image Source: Unity Interior Design Pte Ltd

5. Declutter

A Scandinavian interior very much embraces a clean, orderly and functional space – as such, there is no room for much accessorizing. Any ornamentation that occurs has to be pragmatic and functional, easy on the eyes, and should not get in the way of day to day life activities – simplicity at its best.

Scandinavian – Embracing the Nordic (5)

Image Source: VOILÀ

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