Scandinavian Minimalism With A Touch Of Glamour


Scandinavian minimalism is an interior design style that is renowned for its understated elegance, but rarely is it synonymous with glamour. Minimalist spaces may often be seen as drab or neutral, which is why we’ll be sharing some great inspirations from D'Art Interior on how to glam up this particular aesthetic.


1. Hidden rope lights

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: D'Art Interior

An easy way to infuse glamour in your minimalist home is by playing with hidden cove lights. Looking at the images above, you’ll notice how the D’Art Interior team has accentuated the corners and curvature of the elevated floor, media walls and ceiling with strip lights, giving it an iridescent glow which elegantly frames the space.


2. Glamourise, Accessorise

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: D'Art Interior

The accessories and furniture you pick for your minimalist spaces can play a huge role in adding glamour to its ambiance. Accented couches with a sleek silhouette, stylish media walls that add layers, and trendy bar stools and pendant light fixtures always help make a fashionable statement. Above, you’ll see how the D’Art Interior team used a fine blend of all these elements to glam up the interior of this home.


3. Sleek, sophisticated designing

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: D'Art Interior

An elegant way to glam up your home is to go for a sleek and sophisticated design. This means coupling straight lines and clean-cut fixtures with angular design elements and ornaments, to frame the space with understated elegance. The D’Art Interior team has managed this by selecting chic furniture with clean lines and dark wooden floors and fixtures to accompany the monochromatic design elements.


4. Colors and materials

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: D'Art Interior

Both the color and material palette plays a huge role in embellishing a minimalist space.  For example, the D’Art Interior team spruced up this bedroom by featuring sleek wooden textures and contrasting them with fresh gray hues. The half-and-half use of plain and textured surfaces reinvigorates the neutral scheme, adding a layer of depth in the design.


5. Metal accents

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: D'Art Interior

Last but certainly not least, the addition of subtle metallic textures in your minimalist homes  can accentuate the other design elements, but be careful to not over the minimalist theme. Take a cure from D’Art Interior –  above, they’ve used chrome-plated appliances, metal accented pendant lights, and other sleek surfaces with a muted shine to glam up this minimalist kitchen perfectly!