Scoot & Ride – Ride In Style With The Highway Kick 1

Companies that deliver truly innovative product designs are far and few between which is why Scoot & Ride is a complete gem. In the year of 2010, a team of Austrian designers are looking for mobility concepts driven by user needs, they designed a plenty of prototypes and 2 years of test and design development shaped the first born Highwayfreak.

The company was officially founded under the name Scoot & Ride in 2012. Although relatively new in origin, Scoot & Ride features an amazing range of innovative kids’ rides. They have been steadily expanding its range to suit the contemporary needs of their target audiences. Nowadays, all Scoot & Ride products function by simply pushing a button forward to convert a scooter into a bike or reverse.

In this post, we would like to show its new arrival – the HighwayKick 1 – and why it’s a Must-Have for all kids. First and foremost, Scoot & Ride’s Highway Kick 1 is a scooty-come-tricycle all in one brilliant package which is designed for kids who aged 1 to 5. Needless to say, kids love to play, and they often change their game. Thus, this is the ideal companion as it is safe, comfortable and fun way for your kids to ride around in style.

Let’s take a look at some of the amazing features of this product:



Image Source: Baby's Hyperstore



1. Clever Mobility

The tricycle like formation of the HighwayKick 1 allows for a clever mobility range. It can be really safe and entertaining for children to ride along on their newest toy. Hence, children are able to enjoy their time while the parents can put their worries aside. Moreover, this trendy ride provides the utmost stability for all range of children. Its handles are secure to hold even for the smallest kids.


2. The Kiddy Convertible

Image Source: Baby's Hyperstore


The Highwaykick 1 is the kiddy convertible you never knew your kid needs. With a small adjustment that takes only a second, this ride can easily be converted into a standing kickboard scooty. This dichotomy in the design is the perfect attribute to consider when parents are looking for a product that are valuable and it is worth to purchase. Scoot & Ride’s revolutionary concept is truly simple yet sophisticated to deliver one of the best products for their consumers.



3. Fun aesthetics


Image Source: Baby's Hyperstore

Scoot & Ride’s 2 in 1scooter is available in a variety of color options as we know that children are always attracted to bright, shiny and vivid colors. So, in order to make the aesthetics kid-friendly, you can find this product in pink, blue, lime and red. The most important thing is this also provides stability; hence, children can move safely and comfortably. Besides, position is allowed to change of using to scooter at ease.



4. Utmost Safety & Protection

Image Source: Baby's Hyperstore

As mentioned earlier, we know that the HighwayKick 1 is a truly the most secure rides you’ll ever find for your toddlers. It features a patented safety pad that offers the kids extra protection. Moreover, it prevents the kids from tipping over rough terrain if the wheels get stuck. Meanwhile, it is a structure build and it can be extended when it is required. It’s the best safety measure for kids that regularly go looking for adventures.


Last but not least, if you’re looking for the smartest, safest and the most stylish way for your kids to have an enjoyable and happy ride, then HighwayKick 1 is definitely for your children!

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