Sensational Textures That Simply Pop Off The Surface

Sensational Textures That Simply Pop Off The Surface

Everyone wants a home that looks good, but what about a home that feels good?  While stylish furniture, designs and colours are attractive to the eye, there are objects and surfaces which can only be appreciated through the sense of touch.

Coarse brick, grainy wood, sleek tiles, cool metals—the beauty of these materials lies in their unusual textures.  They make us want to reach out and run our hands and fingers across their unique surfaces, to feel those bumps, grooves and cracks which constitute their remarkable forms.

What's more, these materials aren't just for touch: their uncommon appearance is also visually striking and makes them noticeable from afar, and thanks to an endless variety of decor possibilities, textures can be just as versatile as any furniture or piece of art.

Let's look at some of the most sensational textures on Renopedia.

1) Rough & Rugged

Textures (2)

(Interior Design Singapore, Home Renovation Singapore Image  Source: Sky Creation)

Our first example reveals the optical force of textures.  Although this home is full of interesting bits of furniture, artwork and accessories, what stands out most is the brick wall.  The dark cracks, attractive asymmetry of the bricks, and the contrast of white against dark all combine to produce a powerful visual effect.

Without even touching the wall we can sense what it feels like.

2)Opposing Forces

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(Interior Design Singapore, Home Renovation Singapore Image  Source: Voila)

What makes this bathroom so mesmerizing is its use of opposing materials.  The large and smooth panes of glass clash beautifully against the very rough, intricate and countless strips of dark material on the shower wall, leading to a fascinating contradiction of styles.

3) Bumps & Blocks

Textures (4)

(Interior Design Singapore, Home Renovation Singapore Image  Source: Space Sense Studio)

Here we find something truly remarkable: a plastic wall (and of all places in the kitchen!).  But the singularity doesn't stop with the material.  There's also the multi-coloured blocks of red, white and black, the lack of symmetry or predictability to their arrangement, and of course the innumerable bumps on their glossy surface.

The result of all these unique features is a wall that's visually appealing, modern, and energetic—something that craves to be touched.

4) Industrially Evocative

Textures (5)

(Interior Design Singapore, Home Renovation Singapore Image  Source: Chapter One Interior Design)

Our next example highlights the appeal of industrial textures.  When looked at from this angle, the brown bricks are clearly jutting forth, revealing themselves in three dimensions rather than as a flat surface.  Once again the asymmetry and spatial imbalance add to their dynamic, making them less predictable.

In addition, the iron pipes with their protruding light-fixtures enhance the industrial aesthetic, while also bringing to mind the rusted brown materials and textures of that historical era.

5) Modern Materials

Textures (6)

(Interior Design Singapore, Home Renovation Singapore Image  Source: Rezt n Relax Interior)

Unlike the heavy industrial elements of our previous example, this interior aims for a more contemporary look.  And it's not hard to guess what grabs our attention right away.

The brown wall is a bizarre mix of components, as if wood and brick were melted together to make something entirely new.  The result is rough and organic, yet beautiful and sophisticated.  Furthermore, the overall clean, modern and polished look of the room contrasts vividly against the hard-textured wall, creating a memorable opposition of styles.

6) Teeming With Textures

Textures (7)

(Interior Design Singapore, Home Renovation Singapore Image  Source: Euphoric Designs)

Like the example above, this home fuses wood and brick together into a single setting.  However, what's most remarkable is the sheer amount that's used: the entire room and adjoining hallway are covered in wood, the grains and countless dark streaks emphasizing organic beauty rather than synthetic materials.

From the floor to the walls, everything is alive with natural tones and textures.

7) Tangled Textures

Textures (1)

(Interior Design Singapore, Home Renovation Singapore Image  Source: Renozone)

So far, most of the cases we've examined have employed a single texture or two, but this one is far more ambitious as it attempts to merge together multiple materials into a cohesive whole.

And it succeeds—stunningly.  Sleek white tiles on the wall hint at something that's cool to touch, a wooden table jutting out from the kitchen counter adds a warm and natural feel, while the granite cabinets and drawers finish off this fusion of materials with a rough and coarse look.

While the three materials typically clash, this interior makes them harmonize.

A home that looks good is nice—but a home that feels great is truly rare.

These seven examples have demonstrated the tangible appeal of textures, but even without physically touching them, we can get a sense of how they feel just by looking.



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