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“Standing is the new smoking”

Dr. James Levine, Director, Mayo Clinic-Arizona State University

Humans did not evolve to sit for 10 hrs a day. Prolonged sitting makes you lethargic, restless, and causes various neck/back pains.

Worse still, numerous studies have linked it to serious health problems including obesity, diabetes, cancer, heart diseases and premature death.



Look, more than half our day is spent at a desk (be it home or office).

We therefore decided early on that a simple mission will guide us.
Making top quality standing desks accessible, so anyone can create an empowering workspace.

You deserve a desk that makes you healthier and more productive.



  1. AmpDesk™ – Height Adjustable Standing Desk

The AmpDesk is the most technologically advanced standing desk on the market.

It is fully customisable, with various table top sizes and colours, monitor arms, and other ergonomic accessories.


  1. Elevate™ – Standing Desk Converter

The Elevate™ Riser allows you to convert any existing desk into a sit stand desk with no hassle.

  1. Monitor Arm

Adding a monitor arm is the easiest way to improve your sitting posture and ergonomics. The Freedom™ Monitor Arm is the durable, adjustable, and customisable monitor arm in the market.

  1. Ergonomic Chairs

ErgoEdge offers a selection of ergonomic chairs that improves your posture, alleviate back/neck pain, and enhances productivity.


| Address: 2 Sims Close #03-02,Gemini Building,Singapore 387298

| Tel: 3158 0156

| Website: https://ergoedge.co/

| Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ErgoEdge/

| Email:  sales@ergoedge.co

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