Shout Out To The Lovers Of Scandustrial Style

Scandinavian style looks absolutely stunning in small homes and apartments.

The industrial style on the other hand is quite old in comparison. But its evergreen organic charm and raw material emulation has become a timeless classic.

So lately, designers combined these two style in one design format called the Scandustrial style. The ‘Scan’ comes from Scandinavian and ‘dustrial’ from the latter half of Industrial. This style emulates the best qualities of both of these styles. Below, we will share 5 easy ways you can use the Scandustrial style in your interior designs.



1. Exposed brick walls and natural lighting

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The Scandinavian style of interior design is very minimalistic. There are rarely any patterns – just a lot of smooth surfaces and natural light. So you can use the exposed brick wall from the industrial style and combine it with large windows that let in a lot of natural lighting to get a Scandustrial design vibe in your home interior designs.




2. Light and dark contrast

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The best way to merge the industrial and Scandinavian design aesthetics is by combining their respective color schemes. Scandinavian interiors have light, breezy color schemes, while industrial interiors are designed in dark, moody counterparts. So a Scandustrial interior can have both light and dark colors in the same space.




3. Raw textures and minimal fixtures

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Voila

The industrial style is all about emphasizing raw materials and their textures, while the Scandinavian style is all about clean lines and simplicity. So you can merge these two ideas to get the best Scandustrial vibes in your home. You can clad your walls with raw material textures and use minimalistic fixture to get the desired effect.




4. Track lights and highlighting

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You can emulate the Scandsutrial design vibe in your homes by using track lights and using them to highlight certain parts of the interior design. Since track lights are majorly used in industrial interior design, you can use them to highlight the Scandinavian parts of your interior design.




5. Dark floors and light furniture

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Voila

The Scandinavian style is characterized by light wooden floors to complement its breezy white color scheme. The industrial style is the opposite. You can create a Scandustrial compromise by merging dark wooden floors with light colored furniture to get the right aesthetic.

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