Simple Design, Happy Life! 5 Best Minimalist Home Design

Minimalism has now carved itself a permanent mark in the Singapore interior design industry. Its plain, straightforward aesthetic has won the heart of many, and it has become especially beloved because it makes the small-style spatial constraints of living look absolutely luxurious. On top of that, people love decluttering their homes and lives of things they don’t need any more. So further, we’ll be looking at 5 inspirational homes that feature minimalism at its best.


1. With zero decor

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: The Minimalist Society

This living room features the purest form of minimalism. Not only does it have zero decorative value, the designers have gone the extra mile to make sure that the plainness doesn’t come off as too dull or boring. The clean, straight design is extremely inspiring and makes the home feel utterly declutterd and visually pleasant.


2. Nothing frou-frou

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: The Minimalist Society

The essence of the minimalistic style dictates that you stay away from all frou-frou accoutrements that can make your design seem redundant. This is exactly what is happening in the interior design featured in this image. It has been designed in such a simple yet inspiring way that not even a single unnecessary element needs to be introduced in order to make it seem wholesome.



3. Function within function

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: The Minimalist Society

Minimalism is all about enhancing the functional value of all the things in a home. Therefore, this wardrobe design is completely on point with the whole concept. It features a functional component within another functional component. The inside of this wardrobe is just as simply and elegantly designed as its exterior, and the simplicity of the whole style seems extremely attractive.



4. Decorating with intangible

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: The Minimalist Society

You can make the most of your minimalistic interior designs by decorating with intangible lighting accents. They don’t exactly have a physical form but the impact of these lights is extremely attractive and aesthetically pleasing. So instead of using useless decorative items, try to decorate your spaces with clever lighting accents.



5. Simplicity and clean design

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: The Minimalist Society

When you’re incorporating the minimalistic style in your interior designs, you’re essentially adopting a way of life. So it is only right that your surroundings adhere to that concept as well. as such, all in-built furniture surfaces in your interior design must feature a clean, minimalistic aesthetic that is true to function more than its form.

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