Simple & Innovative Ways To Add Transparency To Your Home

Frankly, while an open floor concept is applied to a HDB, some people are going to have privacy issues; therefore, most of the interior designers are required to have some great solutions. It is crucial as most of the homeowners want their home to look more spacious. This is the reason why adding transparency is vital for a home. It’s a concept that makes your homes seem psychologically bigger without actually going for an open floor concept. Let's look at some innovative ways to introduce transparency in your HDB!


1. Making use of the architecture

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The best and easiest way to bring in transparency in your interior designs is by using the existing architectural elements in your homes. For example, if you have a staircase, then you should use it to frame the adjacent areas of your home interior. This can create a wonderful frame between two existing spaces without any physical design intervention at all.



2. Linking corridor spaces

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Corridors and lobbies are the circulation spaces that are usually cordoned off from the rest of your home interior. But to create transparency, you have to link them with the rest of the spaces. This visual connection between all the spaces is one of the cleverest ways in which you can introduce transparency in your interior designs.



3. Using height

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If you own a double story condo or loft, then you can also use height to create transparency between your spaces. You can go for a double height living room with an adjoining loft-veranda. Not only is it exceptionally stylish, but also pretty trendy and timeless.



4. Interlinking windows

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If you can see one part of your home from another, then it provides a basic psychological relief. It keeps your mind from being tossed cooped up in a boxy, closed off space. So, another great way to bring in transparency in your homes in by creating small window openings all throughout your home. The kitchen window can look into the dining, and the dining window can look into the living room.



5. Folding glass doors

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Design 4 Space

If you want an open floor concept layout that can be closed off when you wish, then here’s the perfect way to do it. You simply have to make large door portals and install them with glass folding doors. This way, you can fold them close to imitate an open floor plan, but close them whenever you wish.

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