Simple Quick Tips To Add A Cool Touch To Scandinavian Style

The Scandinavian style is always articulated with woods and whites – it’s the most prominent characteristic of this style. However, for some people it may seem too bright. This is why today, we’re going to feature a cool, understated version of the Scandinavian style. It’s interpreted with the same grace and panache, just with a few extra touches to make it seem cook and trendy.


1. Your shade of white

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Contrary to popular belief there is not simply just a single shade of white. There are bright hues like ivory and eggshell whites, and then there are darker tints like slate, frost, powder and bone white. When you’re trying to emulate a cool tinge in your Scandinavian style interior designs, it’s best to use a darker tint of white as your base color instead of the brighter ones.



2. Lighting contrast

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There are two types of artificial light temperatures – warm and cool. Warm light is golden, warm and makes everything look bright. In complete contrast, cool light has a blue tinge that makes the surfaces in your interior designs look cool and austere. You can use a blend of both kinds of lighting to interpret a col Scandinavian style ambiance in your interior designs.



3. Cool colors

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While you cannot go overboard by choosing some of the majorly cool colors in your color palate, it is completely okay to use small amounts in controlled patterns. For example, the tiny bit of blue in the wall tile patterns in this bathroom accent wall add a cool touch to the overall ambiance without seeming overly used within the whole design.



4. Keep the originality

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Since the main characteristics of the Scandinavian style are whites and woods, it is important to keep them fairly present in your cool interpretation as well. You cannot overwrite the whole design concept – just a few simple adjustment in the hue of the base color scheme can do the trick without any further interventions.



5. Keep it real

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There is no need to go overboard with unnecessary accessorizing. The Scandinavian style is simple to begin with, and you need to keep it that way. Some cool colored artwork and small trinkets are alright, but do not use too much decoration.

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