Sexy Shades Of Greys

Different shades evoke different moods and feelings. The shades of grey has its own tint/hue spectrum aside from the color wheel, which is why it is not a typically conventional color scheme. However, there is an understated elegance that can only be achieved through this hue.

Grey tones are inherently chic and sophisticated. Like cool greys achieve a crisp and clean feel, while warm greys cozy up a room. It embodies exceptional aesthetics in all kinds of textures – either organic or contemporary.

Let's look at these 5 simple ways you can emulate a grey color scheme in your interior designs.



1. Using as middle ground

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If you’re attracted to darker tints of grey, then you have to carefully balance out its dullness with a brighter color. It is best to use such tints in moderation. You can use them on the ground, but it is even better that you use them somewhere in the middle. If you sandwich your dark grey color scheme between a lighter hued floor and ceiling, the overall impact will be so much better.



2. Complementing with browns

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If you’re looking to mix and match your grey color scheme with organic looks, then you can start by complementing it with browns. Wooden textures have a way of bringing out the rustic side of grey tones. When expertly blended together, these two colors can make any interior seem like a completely stand-out space.




3. Using high contrast

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Since grey is one of those colors that can seem a bit monotonous if used in isolation, it is best that you use it with a bit of contrast. However, you have to make sure that the color you choose plays on the side of high contrast. This means that it has to be bright and vivid – a total opposite to leech away the dullness of the grey part of your color scheme.




4. With accent lighting

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You have to be very specific about lighting when you’re designing your interiors in greys. While ambient lighting is always a must, accent lighting can beautify a grey interior twofold. You can use pendent lights, wall lights or even decorative ceiling lights to get the desired effect.




5. Using lighter shades

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The lighter shades of grey walk a fine balance between true white and true grey. These usually lie somewhere in between, and are the perfect hue for a nice, trendy bathroom color scheme. You can complement them with recessed lighting and fixtures that have been selected in high contrast color schemes. You can even complement them with a full-on white feature wall inside a shower stall.

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