Simple Tips For Adding Stylish & Trendy Vibe To Your Home

Glitzy, ritzy and irresistible – that’s the tagline for a party style interior design. If you’ve ever been to one of those clichéd club parties, then you’ll instantly recognize the kind of aesthetic we’re talking about. It’s stylish and trendy with at least one design element that is over-the-top, yet still pretty relevant. So without further ado, let’s take a look at how you can weave in a party vibe in regular, boring interior designs.


1. Glossy surfaces

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When you work with glossy surfaces in rich or vivid colors, your interior design can automatically start looking uplifting. You can use richly textured marble accents, bright colored ceiling design accents and even a dash of vivid in your furnishings to get the desired results. A little bit of all these things can imbue a cheerful party-like vibe in your home interior designs.


2. Bright by design

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Bright by design means that you have to incorporate a blend of cheerfully vivid colors in your space. This brings a subtle disco effect, especially if your color scheme is high contrast. If you introduce such colors in the form of temporary surfaces like a bed cover, wall art or duvet, then you can even change these colors when you feel like it.



3. A dark trimming

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A dark, mahogany edged trimming to frame your bold, vivacious color scheme can ground your entire interior design aesthetic. It provides a nice contrast that stops your party-like vibe from looking too out there. Instead, it helps keep the entire space holistic and relevant without losing any of its edge or glamour.



4. Lighting accents

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While you cannot bring in a huge collection of strobe lights to introduce a party-ready, glitzy vibe in your homes, you can use subtle lighting accents to enhance the trendy atmosphere. Recessed lights or even a large decorative central lighting fixture can help you achieve the desired effect in an understated, elegant yet fun way.


5. Don’t hold it in

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Keeping things restrained is what you do in modern or minimalistic interior designs. When you’re trying to bring a fun, cheerful vibe in your space, there is no harm in going full-out with the flamboyance. From colors to lighting and even decoration – don’t hold yourself back with anything!

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