Sky Creation’s faces skepticism by clients, but it’s not what you think!

Sky Creation’s faces skepticism by clients, but it’s not what you think!

Design – be it interior, architecture, graphics, or any other – is always, always sticky business. The main reason of this is because when a designer sees a space to be renovated or designed, he/she has this very specific idea of what he wants to do with it. Now add in the financial constraints, the clients brief and the actual budget and that initial idea simmers down to something completely different. That may be what happened to one of Sky Creations projects. Some setbacks in a project had caused the client to worry, and Sky Creation may have faced some design interlude on their part. In the end, the team at Sky Creations managed to sooth the clients and complete the project – albeit a little after the declared deadline.

It all started with when Sky Creation took on the interior renovation job for some very enthusiastic clients. All was going well and good, until some aspects of design the client didn’t agree with showed up. After various complaints – including implementation of under quality materials and some basic disagreements – the first two interior designers were pushed aside for a newer perspective. After a series of miscommunications, the gap between all the contractors, clients and the designers themselves was huge enough to cause a major rift. The team persevered, and it took a while, but in the end, the project was successfully completed.

It should be noted that throughout this incident, even when the designers weren’t cooperating, there was always a higher authority that answered the clients whenever they inquired on something. Taking this kind of a stance with you clients shows just how mature the team building actually is.

Handling this kind of a situation can be tricky business. Mistakes are all part of a life, but what matters the most is that Sky Creation’s team took it upon itself to rectify each mistake that the client pointed out, never leaving them hanging high or dry. Only a good, reputable firm would have done so.

In the end, the firm took a firm stance with their employees and catered to the needs to the client to the fullest. Only someone who is responsible and accountable would take such authoritative stance, proving that Sky Creation is a respectable firm.



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