Small-Space Dweller’s Guide To Using Textures

At this point in time, Singaporeans have mastered the art of small-space dwelling, but there are those who still find it challenging to come up with interior design ideas that suit the scale of their spaces. This happens especially when it’s time to choose the textures. So today, we’ll be sharing a small-space dweller’s guide to using textures in your homes:


1. Open space = 1 dark accent wall

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There is only one way that you can introduce a dark textured accent walls in a small home and that is when the space is sufficiently open. Most open floor plans are spacious enough to take the boldness and charisma of only one feature/accent wall, so if you try to emulate this dark texture in other parts of the interior, it’ll end up looking extremely overwhelming.


2. Furniture as contrast

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Visionary Interior

Of course, having just one accent wall while the rest of the space is done in light colours is a huge no. You obviously need more contrast for the space to avoid monotony. You can do that by using darker textures on the peripheral furniture. This means accent chairs, dining table accessories, a statement light fixture, or maybe even an area rug with 2 large floor cushions.


3. Embellish the lightness on the floor

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Visionary Interior

Now that you understand the way you can use texture on accent walls and furniture, it’s time to focus on the floor. The floor is usually on the lighter side to keep the ambiance breezy. This has the added benefit of introducing an illusory spaciousness within the whole area. But you can break its tedium by selecting materials that have a lightly textured surface – it just has to be understated enough to not overwhelm the rest of the area.


4. For lighter accent walls

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When you’re working on an open floor plan, it’s impossible to avoid smaller accent walls due to the openness of the space. But since only one feature wall can be done in dark textures, the rest of them have to have a more understated appeal. Carerra marble textured wall and shelving laminates are a great way to make these periphery accent walls stand out.


5. Alternative theory

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Visionary Interior

One thing where you can turn the ‘light textured floor’ theory up on its head is when your surroundings are done completely in all-light colours and materials. Only then can your floor can have a dark colour and texture! This kitchen interior design is an excellent example of this idea.


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