Smart Frugal Living With These Home Amendments

Now and then you might have the urge to reorganize your home which might lead to some renovating ideas. Making small modifications to your home does not always have to be an expensive affair, in fact, it might improve the efficiency of your home which will help cut the costs in the long run. Here are some ways to improve your home that will not cost you a fortune.



1. Invest in smart home products

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Not only will smart home products make your life easier but in some cases, they can help you save money as well. The Haiku residential ceiling fan, for example, is better than energy star fans and they save on energy because they are made to select the ideal cooling functions. Smart lights, like the Philip Hue, for instance, will help you conserve energy in your home while creating the appropriate mood. Smart light bulbs can be screwed into any light outlet with the ability to be controlled remotely.



2. Choose the right furniture

Interior DesignHome Renovation, Image Source: Renozone

Any many cases there is no need to blow out the walls to create some extra space. In your kitchen, for example, a simple replacement of large shelves that is taking up too much space can be made. The idea is to create some extra space by replacing those old items of furniture that are out of date and too big to handle. Most modern designs contain hidden storage apartments that will provide you with the extra storage space that you need, making your home more clutter-free. The right size furniture and closets can create a spacious illusion that will stop you from tearing down the walls.




3. Avoid window installations

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Maybe the natural light in your home just does not seem enough, and you are considering to add an extra window. However, there are ways to brighten up your home that is less invasive. Where ever possible, a good way to improve the natural light flow is by moving around the furniture in such a way so that the natural light does not get blocked. Another option is to replace dark and heavy drapes with some lighter ones or blinds that will give you the control over the amount entering your home. For areas like bathrooms or hallways that are windowless, a light-tube installation can be made. These tubes slip under the roof rafters to provide a funnel of sunlight in those areas that are dark during the day.



4. Renewing bad walls

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For walls that are in such a bad shape that needs sanding and filling before the painting can begin, consider using a material like Texturglas. This kind of materials is made from fine glass filament, installed on top of the existing surface. Texturglas, for example, are non-toxic and you can choose from varies patterns and colors while adding strength to the walls.



5. Think eco-friendly

Interior DesignHome Renovation, Image Source: Renozone

In some cases, eco-friendly materials are the least expensive choice. If you are planning to have new hardware floors installed, consider using wood from sustainable harvest plantations. The brand Lyptus, for example, will give you a clear grained hardwood look and feel which are similar to mahogany. When you are in need of new doors of some bundles of insulation, it is not a bad idea to look for some recycled building materials which can save you a lot of money.


Home amendments should bring you a better arrange space, greater efficiency, more comfort and a visual appearance that will leave you proud. If it is out of your budget to do over your whole interior at once, then it is easier to go room by room while always keeping efficiency in mind. DIY projects can help on the savings while incorporating your style in your home.



Article is written by Chris Lundahl.

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