Smart Home Renovations That Your Minimalist Home Need

Smart home renovations are a great way to achieve a minimalist design while using the devices you need in your home. The types of products outlined below are not the only smart renovations that you can utilize, but they are the most helpful and dynamic.


1. Smart Camera

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Because you are investing time and money into making your home a beautiful place to live, you want to make sure it is protected. For that reason, a great starter investment for your smart home renovations is a smart camera.


Buying a camera early in the renovation process allows you to check on workers and anyone else who is visiting the home. Smart cameras are an especially great touch for your bachelor pad. Guests can be left unattended, without being unmonitored.


If you have settled down, you can use your home camera to inspect the activities of pets, children, and childcare professionals. While living a minimalist lifestyle the only thing you will be keeping in your home are the things that are most important, and with a smart camera, you can always look after them.



2. Smart Thermostat

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The thermostat in your home is likely giving the room, or at least the wall it is installed on, a rather antiquated look. In order to combat a retro or utilitarian blemish in your overall modern home design, you should invest in a smart thermostat.


The sleek rounded edges of thermostats made by companies such as Nest and Ecobee prevent your home aesthetic from being interrupted. But there are also practical benefits to using these types of products.


Smart thermostats are great for saving money on your electric bill due to their learning capabilities and the ability to control them remotely. This is a renovation that will create a warm and comfortable home in a physical and design sense.



3. Smart Light Bulbs

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There are many great lighting tips you can take advantage of when you are doing your next home renovation, but for a more dynamic set of options, you can install smart light bulbs. And this is not just ideal for dimming options or the modern style of the bulbs.


Smart lighting can give you the ability to dramatically change the feel of a room with different color options.A very sleek white room can be injected with color by using the different hues of the more exotic smart light bulbs.


Many of these light bulbs can effortlessly be added to any lighting renovation project you are doing. Newer products do not even require smart hubs and can be controlled directly by your smartphone or other smart devices.



4. Smart Lock

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A smart lock can immediately give your home a more futuristic style. You are replacing the tired old look of a lock with an electronic device that is sleeker and offers more convenience.


When you are trying to live the minimalist lifestyle your home embodies, not using keys helps reduce the amount of clutter. The best smart locks on the market have the ability to work with your smartphone, or with a keypad, so you do not need to worry about keys.


With keys, you need a space for those keys. If they are hung on a wall or placed in a bowl, those are just more elements that can potentially clash with your home aesthetic. Smart locks uncomplicate your life and blend better with a home because of their modern design. When you are renovating any doors, be sure to include this smart home renovation into your plans.



Article written by Ralph Goodman, a security expert and lead writer for the Lock Blog, the #1 locksmith blog on the Internet. The Lock Blog is a great resource to learn about locks, safety, and security. They offer tips, advice and how-to’s for consumers, homeowners, locksmiths, and security professionals. Ralph has been featured widely throughout the web on sites such as Business Insider, Zillow, Bluetooth, Apartments.com, CIO, and Safewise.

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