Smart Life with A Smart Fan – Indestructible PO Eco Fans

Established and well-respected, PO Eco Fan has been helping Singapore keep its cool since 1987.

Image Source: Po Eco Fan

The practical features (with patented technologies) across a wide range of fan products are designed in and for the Singapore home.

Image Source: Po Eco Fan

Let’s look at all the features that make these fans the smartest choice for smart living in Singapore:


1. Safety Stop

Image Source: Po Eco Fan

Safety should always be a priority when it comes to ceiling fans. PO Eco Fan products have all been designed with the users’ welfare in mind, which is why all the ceiling fans have an automatic stop safety feature (the fan stops when it hits something while in operation). How safe it is!


2. Durable Design

Image Source: Po Eco Fan

Durability is also an important aspect in the design of ceiling fans. The design of PO Eco Fan products is both visually appealing and made to last in Singapore’s climate. The fan blades are constructed either from solid wood or ABS, bringing you the optimal durability and flexibility for many years to come.


3. Anti-Static Blades

Image Source: Po Eco Fan

Another practical feature of all PO Eco Fans is that they are easy to maintain. The blades have been patented with an anti-static coating, which reduces dust buildup. The fan will remain clean with minimal maintenance.


Image Source: Po Eco Fan

With such practical features (with patented technologies) across a wide range of designs, PO Eco Fans are a must-have for every home in Singapore. You can check out the entire collection right here!

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