So you like sunken spaces

Sunken spaces are elegant, glamorises, and have the ability to make any space look lavish! However, it’s always been a concept that is mostly applied to larger homes – sunken sofas in the middle of the living rooms, sunken fireplaces, etc. Therefore, it can be challenging to incorporate this concept with Singapore’s fashionably small-style living. If you’re interested in owning this concept as your own, here are 5 easy tips for you:


1. Always use the periphery

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: IN-EXPAT

Here’s the thing about using sunken spaces in smaller homes: you can never emulate them in the middle of the room! Or, shall we say: the taller half should always be designed around the periphery of the room and the sunken area should be large enough to make an impact! This image shows a great example – the seating comprises of the tall part where as the sunken area takes up the entirety of the room. The space doesn’t feel small that way.


2. Here’s the aspect ratio

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: IN-EXPAT

If you cannot decide how much of your floor spaces is going to be sunken and how much is going to be tall, here’s a handy ratio value: 30% tall, 70% sunken. This applies only to smaller homes with open floor plans. The sunken area can look fashionably distressed while the rest can be used in an avant-garde way like bay-window seating, etc.


3. Furnishing sunken spaces

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Typically, the edges of sunken areas are utilised completely to deliver plush seating and more. But since Singaporean homes are relatively smaller, this is not a feasible choice. So, instead of using all the peripheral area to install seating, you can simply put a couch in the middle. don’t use large sectionals unless you plan to place them in the corner. Leave as much space bare as possible to get the best results.


4. In contrast with

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: IN-EXPAT

Since getting permits to design a sunken area in your home can be hard to get, you can compromise by creating a tall, platform space which can make the rest of the home emulate the sunken aesthetic. The bedroom in this image is a great example. It adds a great height contrast to the rest of the space, which makes the home look unique.


5. Decorating such areas

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: IN-EXPAT

The sides of your sunken space provide a great opportunity to feature some decorative objects. While choosing what to feature, try to keep functionality in mind. Do not pick things that are just going to seem redundant. Match the ambiance of the space with the kind of décor you choose.


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