So you love black

When most people think of adding black in their interior designs, they immediately want to soften it up with whites – and thus end up with an achromatic colour scheme. But what if we told you that you could pair up black with all sorts of colours and materials? Want to know how that works? Let’s take a look below:


1. Small splashes

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If you’ve got a black ensemble dressed in your interior designs, you can pair it up with multiple colours by cleverly incorporating art work in the mix. A black-hued feature wall paired with a plethora of bright, bold, vibrant, and absolutely stand-out photo frames, paintings, or graphics and lend that bright spot of multi-colours to your bland wall. They’ll also make for some great accent pieces.


2. Trendy furniture

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Stylish furniture is also an excellent way to complement largely black-hued interior designs. These days, there are a lot of choices that you can make in this regard. From wood to acrylic and other synthetic materials, a lot of surfaces can complement and contrast a black backdrop at the same time. You can even pick a style that complements the overall theme of your interior design.


3. Black itself

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Let’s take a moment to think about all the ways you can emulate the actual black colour scheme in your interior designs. While background accent walls and even furniture are an understandable choice, why not use décor and accessories to reinvent the application of this hue? Yes, it’ll be understated and less obvious, but that can actually be a positive point.


4. Horizontal surfaces

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Another way to emulate black colour seamlessly in your interior designs is by using it only on the horizontal surfaces, such as tabletops, couch seats, floors, etc. This way, you can use the vertical surfaces to create contrast. Decorate the tables with books, shake up the dull floor pattern with boldly coloured tiles, and complement the couch seats with multicolour cushions!


5. Alternating

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Another cool way that you can implement black hue in your interior design s by alternating the colour of surfaces. So if one part of the wall is black, the other one can be white, or blue, or pastel pink – basically any colour that you feel like can contrast nicely with the boldness of black.


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