So you’re remodeling your bathroom

So here’s the thing; the bathroom is no longer only a functional space – it has become kind of a relaxing get-away. People like spending time in there; they appreciate the opportunity to just sit back, relax, enjoy a warm shower, a soothing bath, and even apply their skincare routine in peace. Therefore, it is no longer feasible to design this space according to simply functions. You need to consider leisure activities as well. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some great bathroom interior design tips for this purpose:


1. Small scale luxury

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Since Singapore is renowned for its shortage of real estate, it can be impossible for most homeowners to get a large, opulent bathroom with tons of spa paraphernalia. But here’s the thing; small-scale luxury can be just as effective. You can opt for compartmentalised water areas with bathtubs and shower heads in the same space, design compact but aesthetically pleasant cabinets for your skincare essentials, and go for deluxe fixtures to translate this style.


2. Being efficiency prone

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Another secret to a good, luxurious, small-scale bathroom interior design is to be as efficient and ergonomic with the available space as possible. Since you cannot opt for sprawling accessories and fixtures, you can customize some objects like the vanity under and over cabinets to initiate great optimization. Other than that, you can go for compact toilets and unique fixtures to suit the smaller size of your bathrooms.


3. Good vanity lighting

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Before vanities, there used to be simple sinks that had very little decorative value. But these days, vanities are being designed to realize both functional and visual needs to the fullest, and need to be installed with the best lighting. Proper lighting not only enhances the façade of your vanity, but also makes it possible for you to utilize it as efficiently as possible during your daily rituals and regimens.


4. Emulating technology

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We live in an era where we get to have a toilet seat that warms itself in extreme cold if we want to use it – but what’s the point of that if we’re not going to use it in the first place? Emulating technology in your small-scale bathroom interiors is a crucial part of enhancing its luxurious appeal. You can go for motion sensored water taps, high-tech WC’s, deluxe shower heads that can turn on your favourite tunes, and so much more when you’re trying to realize this aesthetic.


5. Undercounter appliances

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Urban Habitat

Who says that you can’t get innovative with small-style bathroom luxury? There are lots of ways you can do so, but nothing beats installing under-counter appliances. You can have a warming drawer for your towels and robes, go for a mini-fridge to accommodate your bath time, and may also install a television on the feature wall!


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