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Excel Hardware is a mainstream brand which their motto is to ‘utilize the kitchen space with elegance and quality.’ They provide a wide range of products ranging from drawers to hinges. Excel Hardware products are extremely durable and efficient. Meanwhile, they are best in quality and style. Each product is designed to keep up with the ever-changing kitchen design trends. Let’s look at some great, innovative products by Excel Hardware that are a must-have for any modern kitchen.


1. 2x2 Basket – Magic Pull-out Soft Close System

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L-shaped kitchen cabinets is always left unused. However, you can optimize that negative space to the fullest by using Excels soft close pull-out drawers. This pull-out system consists of wire-mesh basket units which can be retrofitted into an existing cabinet. This helps to save space; thus, you can have a more organized kitchen for our utensils and crockery.

The magic basket is extremely easy to use. It consists of two vertical mounts which are fitted with four wire mesh baskets on each side. You can easily slide this system in and out of the cabinets without damaging or redesigning the existing kitchen cabinet structure.

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Excel Hardware

Furthermore, its easy and brilliant kitchen organization have been awarded the best choice award in 2012 from Home + Living Singapore!




2. Pull-out kitchenware basket – Slimline Slabs

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 Have you ever felt like your existing cabinets are too rigid in design? Or have you ever felt your back sprain while crouching low to get your plates from the under-cabinets?

With Excels Slimline slab kitchenware basket, you’ll never have to worry about those scenarios which are mentioned above.

These are free-lift baskets that can be easily pulled out; meanwhile, it is great for efficient storage which is awesome for storing spices, tableware, food and crockery. Furthermore, the product can bear 18 kg weight. Of course, you can choose a different basket – either wire mesh or wooden – based on your storage needs.

Do you know what is the best part?

There are extremely easy to install! All you need to do is line up the runners on each side of the carcass, mark the heights and levels and screw them in. Moreover, the runners allow for a smooth glide which provide an efficient and great user experience. Hence, you can slide the baskets in easily.



3. Pull-out kitchenware basket – Multipurpose Slimline Slab

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If you’re a neat-freak who love things in an organized way, then this Excel product is especially for you. The Multipurpose Slimline Slab can be used to organize a number of everyday kitchen objects – from toasters to cutlery, it has customized spaces for everything. It also has a seamless pullout system that makes cleaning up your kitchen a fun task for everyone.

The best quality of Excel’s multipurpose slimline slab is the soft glide system never falters or gets stuck regardless of the weight which the baskets bear.

No matter how much you put into the baskets, the soft glide system never falters or gets stuck! Who wouldn’t want such a useful kitchen organization tool in their homes?



4. Italian Series Soft-closing hinges


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Having seamless kitchenware hinges is very important as we don’t not have to deal with stuck drawers in our lives.

Excels soft-closing SUS304 hinges is the solution since it is made of high-grade stainless steel. It can withstand corrosion/rust and was designed specifically for the tropical climate of Singapore. In addition, this looks truly attractive and is definitely low-maintenance. You can easily sanitize it because of its durability, which makes it ideal to be used in kitchens and bathrooms. More importantly, it has a cost-effective price range and a lifetime guarantee!




5. Excel-Tall Unit With 5 Basket With Soft Closing Slides


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Ever felt like your home is too small for a full sized master pantry? Now you wouldn’t have to wonder what that feels like with Excels smart Tall-unit with 5 baskets and soft closing slides! It is a compact, minimalist storage unit that is the contemporary replacement of the old-fashioned pantry. This unit will defer all of your kitchen storage woes with its amazing built in capacity and smart, modern looks.

Excel’s Tall-Unit with 5 baskets is all about making the most of your space! It is especially useful in homes with a limited amount of space. It’s sturdy, durable and built to last a long time! You can even adjust the height of this unit from 1580mm to 1760mm for a more comfortable usage!

The five chrome wire-mesh baskets are the perfect way to organize your kitchen essentials without any hassle! Furthermore, the soft-glide pull-out feature makes this unit extremely easy and fun to use!




6. Excel Tandem Pantry Unit 5+5 Basket


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Made from stainless steel and finished in beautiful chrome, Excel’s Tandem Pantry Unit Basket is every organization aficionado’s dream come true! Each indoor basket of this unit can handle a weight of 10kg while the outside baskets can take up to 5kg. It is perfect replacement for your usual kitchen cabinet and pantry storage!

With innovative technology and engineering, the Tandem Pantry Unit offers a compact and easy to use unit. It has a unique interlocking design that is the perfect addition for every smart, innovative home design!

It is fashionable, durable, high-end, and would definitely make life easier for you!



7. DIY Standalone Hanging Series

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Excels DIY Standalone series is the ultimate kitchen organization tool. It allows you to store your kitchen utensils outside and keep them close for regular use. Needless to say, this is truly efficient and easy to install which is a ‘must have’ for every kitchen! You can dedicate an entire wall to the Hanging series which allows you to keep your utensils at close hand while cooking or baking in the kitchen.

Or if you enjoy having great wines sometimes, the Excels DIY Standalone and Hanging series is designed for you since you can reach your wine glasses easily.

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Excel Hardware

This set consists of hanging baskets which can be hung anywhere in your kitchen. You can hang the rod in the place you want and display several kitchen accessories and within easy reach!

But the best part is that these baskets are made up of SUS304 high-grade stainless steel. This means that they will never rust or corrode, are super durable, and would give your kitchens a beautiful modern aesthetic!

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Excel Hardware

You can find the following basket and hanging styles in the DIY and Standalone Series:

  1. The Italian Series Knife Holder Rack with Hanging Rod: Store your utensils and cutlery in style! It’s an affordable design which can feature your favorite knives in all shapes and sizes!
  2. Standalone Arch Fruit Basket: Display and keep your fruits in a trendy way; meanwhile, keeping them handy!
  3. Italian Series Cup-Holder with Hanging Rod: Everyone has at least 1 cups or mug. Excels standalone series has made it easier since you can keep and take your cup easily for all times. The hanging rods are pretty strong; thus, it can definitely withstand the weight of the cups.
  4. Italian Series Wine Glass Rack: Wine glass displays are the height of trendy chic. Furthermore, the structure and durability of this Excels wine glass rack has been rigorously tested, so its safety for using this rack is guaranteed.


 8. 2 Tier Multipurpose Slimline Slab

People who are interested in the best kitchenware would have a Pinterest board of their own that features the best kitchen organization tools! And we can bet for sure that you’d have seen one variation or another of Excels 2 Tier Slimline Slab somewhere on those boards!

This premium pull-out storage unit is one of Excels design masterpieces. It has an iconic design that allows you to have all your kitchen utensils at your fingertips.  It consists of a 2-tier pull-out system that is easily assembled and installed. It features soft-stop function, which heightens its efficiency along with the already superb organization.

It is produced from high grade stainless steel, which allows for a sturdy build. The steel finish also adds to the beautiful aesthetics. Both of the racks are designed to maximize efficiency and storage ease.

The best part about the 2 Tier Slimline Slab is that it can fit inside small cabinets as well. It efficiently utilizes the space and gives you the best kitchen storage and organization experience!


Why you should choose Excel?

Why you should go for the most amazing Excel products? There are a few reasons of it:

  • The soft-close system is a great innovation. Your drawers will never make a squeak when you pull them out again.
  • These products ensure efficient organization.
  • They’re perfect for both commercial as well as residential use.
  • Storage space becomes two-fold – even the god of finance will feel awed.
  • These products are long-lasting and durable.


So, what are you waiting for?

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