Splashes of Color Make Your Home Pop

Splashes of Color Make Your Home Pop

Most modernistic houses use muted colors to give a sense of space and flow, but this design inspired by Space Sense Studio takes the full advantage of muted colors yet throws in a splash of color with this amazingly designed yellow chair. The chair forms the focal point in the room and lends the entire space an air of focus and flow. The amazing glass panels in the back add an addition feel for openness. The entirety of the room is shrouded in a mysterious glow due to the use of dark colors on the floor and white tones in the rest of room. Without the splash of red in the back and yellow in the front the room would not have been as interesting as it seems now.

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(Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: Space Sense Studio)

Green has a wildness to it that no other color can replicate. Humans are connected to wild and always long for those starry nights and grassy landscapes to have a connection with the world they live in. The splashes of green in this room lend it an air of an open grassland where you can let your imagination roam without any bars. The rest of the room has an amazing and open flow with beautiful green accents in the rug and different pot plants strategically placed across the room.

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(Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: Starry Homestead)

An amazing design that combines class, elegance and beauty in a single room. The heavy use of different shades of plum, grey and brown give it a unique look that most modern homes seek to achieve. The beautifully crafted furniture shrouded in elegant rainbow colors create a flow and sense of beauty that is astounding to behold. The large open window in the back provides perfect view while giving the room an openness and a sense of adventure.

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(Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: Juz Interior)

This fun little design does not shy away from playing with different colors and accents. The open space studio design combined with classy décor adds a freshness to the room. The hardwood furniture and the lime green sofas give an air of playfulness that is perfect to alleviate the homeowner’s mood. The combination of different shades of aqua and white creates a unique combo that holds a striking beauty and elegance. A perfect and playful designed with splashes of color spread across the room.

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(Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: Fuse Concept)

A beautiful design that trumps the thought that in order to add color and playfulness you have to be flashy, but this design takes a more muted and elegant approach of introducing beautiful colors in the design. The accents of red furniture play well with the textured walls. Sparkling white floor highlights the elegance of surrounding walls. Minimalistic fixtures and furniture divide the space in a perfect manner creating a sense of openness and beauty. A perfect little design to unleash a homeowner’s craving for color and creativity.

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(Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: Newedge Interior)


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