Spruce Up Your Home With These 5 Great Layout Inspirations

The layout of the living room is always very important to consider. Not only this space the very center of your home, it’s also the most public zone within your home. This means that you entertain guests here, but it's also a relaxed place for you and your family to chill. What kind of a layout works best for such a versatile space, then? Let’s find out below!


1. Centralized all the way

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The U-shaped layout of the sofas is an extremely convenient way to go about designing your living rooms. However, you should note that it only works best in spaces that are inherently larger in size. If you try to cram so many sofas with a central coffee table in a small space, the only thing you’ll get is a cramped, claustrophobic space.



2. Dining to the back

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A living room with an open dining area to the back has become quite a popular set-up. It is space saving and allows you to experience the fullness of each individual space without having to compromise on anything. Therefore, it’s a good layout to consider when you have a space that is wide enough to accommodate both areas.



3. The single file

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In case your living room is a narrow space that cannot handle a large sofa formation, it’s time to go for the single file. It consists of a single sofa unit in from of an accent media wall. Make sure to use a lighter color scheme. If you’re too bold or vivid with such a narrow space, it may end up looking too much.


4. L-shaped to the rescue

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The L-shaped sofa layout is one that is used to make the space look truly full, but not too overwhelming. Leaving one side open can also enhance the circulation space. But if you feel like this set-up is incomplete in such a state, you can simply complete it with an accent chair or an accompanying ottoman.



5. Very plaintive

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Sometimes, if you want to save a lot of circulation space in your living room, you can use a single couch to maintain the breeziness in your space. It’s not an ideal solution, but you can even complement it with area rugs, coffee tables and other accessories if you feel like it.

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