Steigen Automatic Laundry System Handles Your Laundry With Style

Every Singaporean knows that keeping up with the fast-paced life of this world is very challenging. Working an average of 45.5 hours per week (approximately 9 hours per day) is exhausting enough – there’s literally no time to keep up with everyday chores like laundry. No matter how efficient you try to be, you end up missing out on the daylight to dry out the clothes. Using dryers is only effective to a certain level, but you still need a certain level of wind and sun to do it right.

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Steigen has provided the perfect solution for this particular trouble. Their Automated Laundry System not only helps tackle the washing end, but also has a great dryer system. Here are some awesome functions that you’ll find in this innovative and unique invention:


1. Great load bearing capacity

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If you’ve ever had any woes about having to do different loads because of the small capacity of your washer, then rejoice. Steigen’s Automated Laundry System provides not only a considerable capacity up to 45kg heavy laundry but also has a powerful motor. You can easily operate it with the touch of a button so there’s literally no sweat while you’re doing your laundry.


2. SOLAR Drying Technology

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With Steigen’s Automated Laundry System, you won’t have to worry about exposing your load to sun and unpredictable rainfall. It has solar heaters and air circulators that redistribute hot air. As the hot air rises, cold air sinks – the heat is evenly distributed around the clothes and doesn’t affect the rest of the room at all. This EXALT SOLAR tech automatically turns off after 3 hours so you won’t have to worry about anything else.


3. Intuitive Controls

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The smart controls of Steigen’s Automated Laundry System provide a very effective and efficient way for you to operate it. It has an incredibly simple user interface. There’s a simple capacitive touch screen with infographic details for stopsolar dryingupdownLED, and fan functions. All you have to do is touch one function and you’ll easily get what you want. You can also control it remotely from an app, so that’s an added benefit.



4. LED Light System

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This laundry system also has a light that is especially useful for dimly lit rooms. As most Singaporean homes are small by design, the laundry space can end up being tiny and cramped. The system can fit into compact spaces without compromising on functionality.


5. Suitable For All Home Sizes

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The laundry system comes in a variety of different sizes and can be applied in all room and apartments. This flexibility is a great quality because Singaporean homes are very diverse and come in all shapes.


6. Awesome Durability

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The clothes hanging poles of Steigen’s Automated Laundry System are very durable. They are telescopic and can be extended to create additional hanging space. They have also been reinforced to withstand the weight of heavy and large textiles without sagging.


Now that you know all the amazing qualities of this system, you’ll understand how this is the next big home appliance that is going to take the world by storm!

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