Stroll freely with Baby Hyperstore’s Zippy Light Strollers

Stroll freely with Baby's Hyperstore Zippy Light Strollers

Carrying your baby in style from one place to the next is now no big deal. Baby's Hyperstore, one of the foremost leading brands in the baby products genre have the perfect solution to all your restricted baby movement woes. The MADE IN ITALY Zippy Light Stroller is the perfect combination of a baby cart and a carrycot on wheels. Not only does it make your walk easy with the baby, it also makes it fashionable. The Zippy Light Stroller makes for a stylish and straightforward baby accessory that is functional and effortlessly uncomplicated – perfect for both the baby, and the parent.

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Zippy Light Strollers are different from other such strollers because of their straightforward functionality. Baby's Hyperstore promotes it as a stroller that ‘opens and closes like magic.’, with just one hand. Perfect for busy times when you find yourself juggling the groceries and diaper bag at the same time.

It does indeed have a very compact physique that is exceptionally uncomplicated. Below, let’s look at some amazing qualities that makes the Zippy Light Strollers the best choice for your baby.

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1. The Foldable Physique

The open-and-fold feature of the Zippy Light Stroller is easy to carry even for parents who aren’t stroller savvy. It is uncomplicated and can be carried out single-handedly. The one-hand umbrella folding system of the Zippy Light Strollers is patented by Inglesina. With just a press of a button and pull, the stroller folds.

2. The Compact structure

At 49cm wide, the Zippy Light Stroller can easily navigate even the narrowest of spaces. Its compact stature when closed makes sure it takes minimum room wherever it is stored. Another clever feature of the Zippy Light Stroller includes an ability to remain upright on its own, without any support. Its solid handle and easy control mechanisms make it an uncomplicated baby accessory.

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3. The Lightweight Handle

The Zippy Light Stroller is extremely lightweight. Its foldable structure makes it painless to carry from one place to another. This easy-carry facility makes this stroller line top notch and extremely desirable.

4. The Utmost Comfort

The Zippy Light Stroller can be used even newborns and boasts an utmost comfort level within its design. It has a comfortable seat that reclines back along with an adjustable footrest. This comfort level helps keep the baby happy and comfortable within the stroller. The extendable sun canopy (UPF 50) completely protects your child from harmful sun rays and allows a good undisturbed sleep.

5. The Carrycot Feature

The carrycot feature in the Zippy Light Stroller comes with a plethora of additional accessories. It comes by the name of ‘Sweet Puppy’ accessory kit. This optional ‘Sweet Puppy’ is a kit for newborn babies that allows you to carry infant for maximum ease and comfort. (On it's own, it is also suitable for newborns without the ‘Sweet Puppy’ accessories) It includes a hood, a padded mattress as well as rain cover. Its fashionable stature carries the easy comfort of any carry cot design.

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6. The Car Seat Adaptation

Another clever addition in the Zippy Light Stroller line is the car seat adaptor. Better known as the Huggy Car Seat, this series can be adjusted in the backseat for safe travels with the baby.  It can also fit the Maxi-Cosi infant carriers, Cabriofix, Pebble and Pebble Plus.

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7. The Colorful Choices

The Zippy Light Stroller comes in a number of colors that go with the amazing fashion of the overall design of this product line.

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