Style You Need: Go Go Retro

Sometimes, we wish we could go back to our childhood life. We know it is impossible because we don't have time machine. However, we can apply Retro which consists a slight of nostalgia.

Of course, there are always some contemporary interventions in the mix, but the overall vibe of such designs always remains constant. From the pastel, psychedelic and boho chic aesthetics of the 60’s and 80’s to the diverging simplicity of the 90’s, there is a wealth of trends to choose from. Below, we will be looking at 5 ways to go retro with your interior designs.


1. Furniture style

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Remember the Memphis Style of the 80’s? Its oblique lines and bold geometry swept all the other styles out of the first spot. So you can incorporate this aesthetic in your contemporary interior designs even today. With bold furniture designs and colors, you can make quite a retro statement in your modern interiors these days.




2. Lighting fixtures

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Retro lighting fixtures in modern settings can look extremely classy. The combination of vintage and modern looks very sophisticated – especially if your mix and match these fixture in a deliberate fashion. You can use this idea for kitchen interior designs specifically. So even if the rest of the design is quite modern, the lights and their fixtures would bring in an elegant retro ambiance.




3. Artwork

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Retro artwork is a collection of psychedelic colors and pop-art fashions. Bringing on the retro in your modern homes can be especially easy if you’re one to appreciate such artwork. The fun, vivid color schemes brings in an exuberant aura that makes the atmosphere seem very playful and jolly. You’ll never feel an ounce of gloomy if you design an entire accent wall of artwork for your retro style modern interior designs!




 4. Small amount of neutral

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While bright colors and fun furniture designs are all well and good, you should also use a hint of subdued and subtle to make your designs just a little bit modern. This can balance out the authenticity of the retro aspect and make your spaces look extremely elegant in the process. Distressed wooden surfaces and matt flooring are an excellent way to do so.




5. The overall ambiance

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Making the mood of your retro theme in a modern interior is a challenging task. You have to use small design interventions like furniture, artwork, décor, accessories and more to create the right mood and balance that part of the aesthetic with something modern. So always pay careful attention to details while blending this aesthetic in your homes.

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