Stylish and Functional Kitchens With Excel Hardware New Range

A functional kitchen is the most stylish kitchen – that’s what Excel Hardware believes as each of their products offers the best of pragmatic value. They have a diverse range of items that range in uses – some as small has efficient mug holders while others as complicated as pull-out multi-tiered cabinet installations. Anything you can dream of to make your kitchen more useful, Excel’s got it. So below, we’ll be looking at 3 of their offerings and just how you can benefit from them:


1. EXCEL - Vicenzo Nero Black Series Double Wall Soft-closing System

Image source: Excel Hardware

Drawers are an essential component of any kitchen, and now you can make yours perfectly suitable to handle the larger cooking/serving paraphernalia with Excel’s Vicenzo Nero Black Series Double Wall Soft-Closing System!


This drawer has a flat base and a soft-closing mechanism that ensures that it never slams back loudly – it simply glides back in place. It has an impressive depth and width, so you can even load it up with larger items like bowls. It also features dynamic loading that means it can handle about 40kg of load. Its durability spans a whopping 80,000 cycles and its sleek modern façade is perfect for every contemporary kitchen!


2. EXCEL - Costanzo - Top Stay Lift up System Nero Black Cover

Image source: Excel Hardware

Conventional cabinet doors are so last decade and now you can stay on top of both the style and visual aesthetics of your kitchens by going with Excel-Costanzo’s Top Stay Lift Up System.


It allows the cabinet doors to be vertically lifted with the help of pneumatic arms and makes it highly easy to reach the stuff within. You can customize its mechanical variants upon order, so whether you need medium or heavy-duty hardware, Excel’s got you covered. It’s soft-closing and never snaps thanks to its snap-fit mechanism. It will help make your kitchens more agile and un-restricted.



3. Aversa Italian Series SUS304 Stainless Steel Soft-Closing Hinge

Image source: Excel Hardware

The most common problem that every kitchen users face is the loud snapping of cabinets and drawers upon closing. But now you can easily get rid of this problem with Excel’s Stainless Steel Soft-Closing Hinge. It’s totally reliable, highly durable, and absolutely affordable. It makes the mechanism soft-closing and jolt-free and comes with an adjustable mounting plate that allows you to vary the pressure on the movable parts. It’s commercial-grade so you can just as easily install it in professional kitchens!


As you can see, Excel products are always making life easier for the typical homeowner and these three products will definitely help enhance your kitchen functionality as well as aesthetics.

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