Take A Look At How You Can Avoid Some Typical Renovation Disputes

Renovation can be pretty stressful. The whole process takes up a bulk of precious time and money, not to mention the occasional personal supervision that you administer on the ongoing work. There can also be a few disputes with your interior designer or contractor along the way as well. At one point, you’ll just want to get it over and done with, and that’s a universal homeowner motional status. So let’s take a look at how you can avoid some typical renovation disputes.



1. Get extensive feedback

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Let’s take a step back and start everything from the very initial stages of your venture. So before you enlist the help of any interior designer, its best to do some extensive research on them. You need to study their finished works and get some thorough feedback from the people who recommended them. This research can help you get insight in their design and execution process, which can help you avoid conflict down the road.




2. Always be clear-cut on the scope of work

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You must always be as forward as possible with your designer as far as the scope of work is concerned. This is especially relevant when you’re taking a renovation package. Ask your interior designer for a detailed outline of what kind of works are included in the package. Keep a copy of it so that you can consult it during the execution phase of the project.



3. Contractor and sub-contracting

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One thing that you must always remember is that your preferred interior design company may not have an in-house contractor. So you’ll definitely have to go for sub-contractors in such a case. While your designer can probably recommend you a few options, you’ll once again have to do some extensive research on your desired candidates so that you can avoid conflict of interest and execution down the road.



4. Defects and warranties

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All interior designers have a specific warranty periods that you must carefully observe before signing any contracts. Pass it over if the warranty period favors the designer too much. In retrospect, if you are satisfied with it then you can do an extensive documentation of any defects post-renovation (if any at all) to take advantage of this warranty.



5. Post contract signing

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If you’ve already signed the contract and are unhappy with any aspect of the work – execution speed, defective finishes, sub-par workmanship – then you must have a serious talk with the contractor and come to a mutual decision on the terms of dissolution and payment.

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