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If you haven’t heard of ELBA, it is time for you to get to know this Italian designed and manufactured brand! ELBA offers a wide range of gas and gas/electric cookers and kitchen appliances. ELBA is secured by a devoted sales and technical team. It stands for innovation, reliability and style. Read on to find out more.





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ELIO series is manufactured from Italy, featuring a comprehensive kitchen appliance which is a must-have for all kitchens. It is sleek, sophisticated and perfectly pragmatic for modern kitchens. Besides, it offers a wealth of visual aesthetic value to the overall design.

Here are some of its most impressive qualities:

  • Dual Flame: Offering controllable flame which is extremely useful from stewing to stir-frying. If you are a demanding chef, this is the ideal solution for you!
  • DEFENDI Triple Ring Burner: Provide a wide power range starting with 0.3kW as lower power rate. It is prefer for wok cooking with specially designed angled flames.
  • User-friendly and Sophisticated Design: Its design is achieved with sleek and smooth edges. The minimal draft helps to create an exclusion look that is crafted using an expressly increased thickness to ensure resistance over time.
  • Safety Device: This is a must in all hobs as it equipped with safety device that automatically cut off the gas supply to prevent any gas leakage.
  • Automatic Ignition: This provides easy and quick ignition for every single gas burner as the ignition is electronic and integrated into the knobs.

If you are looking for some quality and safe gas hobs, we highly recommend ELIO 65-445 and ELIO 75-300.


ELIO 65-445

ELIO 75-300

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Meanwhile, a multi-function oven which is the ELBA best-selling ELIO 624 Baker is able to serve the needs of someone who loves to conquer any recipes. It is an electric multifunction oven that you can have the conventional cooking. Besides, it consists pizza and baking function as well as special leavening function. The 9 functions are shown as below:

  1. Oven light
  2. Conventional cooking
  3. Base heat only
  4. Plate warming
  5. Electric grilling
  6. Fan assisted grilling
  7. Pizza function
  8. Top heat fan assisted
  9. Defrosting

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Let’s check some of the benefits for getting an awesome ELBA Baker oven:


1. Special Temperature

Attention pizza lovers, this oven has Pizza functions that allow you to set a special temperature of 300oC which is similar to traditional wood fired oven. It takes less than 5 minutes to cook up delicious and tasty pizza just like you have from your favorite pizza shop. If you are planning to cook vegan style or baking for the day, you can set a special temperature of 40oC. This will help to speed up the leavening for all the doughs. Furthermore, you can ferment yogurt, dry vegetable and fruits.


2. Accessories

Besides having 2 shelves and 1 tray, ELBA’s Baker oven provides you pastry plate and Pizza/Baking Stone: This pizza stone works like a magic. It is made of refractory natural mineral stone. It absorbs moisture, retains and release heat evenly, leaving your pizza with an authentic crispy base.


3. Easy Maintenance

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Let’s admit it, the most tiring part is cleaning the oven after cooking. To make your cleaning simpler, ELBA Baker oven is truly an effortless cleaning solution.  The internal has an enamel coating which make cleaning easier, and you can remove the inner door glasses with just slide out and easy clip.

If you are looking to upgrade your kitchen to a whole new level, you mustn’t miss this entire ELIO series by the fantastic ELBA brand! This would be your perfect start in 2018!

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