The Art of Furniture Design

The Art of Furniture Design

Furniture is an integral part of interior designing. Its design can determine the thematic exposition of any interior scheme. Be it ornate or sleek, modern or retro, furniture is an inherent part of the space. It can determine the personality of a space. Its stylistic expression can determine if the space lies in the tradition, contemporary or somewhere in between styles. That is why furniture and product design have become an important, almost congenital part of designing interiors. Any respectable interior design firm would also have a product and fixture design body shop because when you are determining the material and color schemes, their applications are not limited to just floors and walls. It applies to the furniture too – the upholstery on the couches, the leather on the char seats, the kind of wood for the handles, the chrome on the arm rests and more. It is a vast genre within the bounds of interior designing itself, and today, we’ll be discussing the correlation between interior styles and their accompanying furniture designs.

Simple Flair

Where simplicity is the best option in any relevant genre that does not mean that the furniture design has to be the stylistic equivalent of a brick. There are so many ways to emulate simplicity even in the most complicated of designs. The chairs below are the perfect example of this strategy. Although there is nothing overly ornate about their design, they do not scream of minimalism. They embrace their round aesthetic with a diverse material palate that is part modern and part contemporary.

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(Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Exin Interior Design Pte Ltd)

Bare & Minimalistic

If you truly want a minimal aesthetic, be prepared to strip your furniture design to its very bare bones. The aesthetic of a minimal furniture design lies in its functionality and pragmatism. Therefore, it can be rather un-ornamental in design while making its bareness an integral part of its design. Its simplicity emulates an unembellished charm that is enduring and slightly brutal in aesthetic.

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(Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: VOILÀ)

Comfortably Plush

If you want to put comfort as the main ingredient of your design then there is a way to incorporate that in your fixtures too. The subtle nuances of any design lies in its functionality and that is just the case when it comes to designing comfort. Use giant mattresses in cozy looking bedding fixtures. Line up the plush in giant armchairs. Not only would it achieve the objective of cozying up the fixture, but it would resonate in the ambiance of the overall interior scheme.

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(Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: JQ Ong)

Stylistically Comely

There is a distinct discord between designing for aesthetic or functionality alone, but when you need to combine the two and give off a comely vibe then it all depends on the materials. Materials have a way of defining the aura of any space and similar is the case with furniture design. All you have to do is allocate the perfect material to the appropriate fixture.

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(Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: JQ Ong)

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