The Awesome Art Deco Style

The art deco style is characterized by a combination of curvy motifs and thick, rectangular geometric formations. It is a style that features an almost hybrid sort of aesthetic, but looks trendy nonetheless. It is very unique and can be expertly merged with the contemporary style. It can be interpreted in both edgy lines and bold curves – sometimes even geometric patterns.

The execution of the art deco style in a modern setting can look very stylish and edgy. Let's look at 5 interior designs that feature the best of the art deco style.



1. A single feature object

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Pavillion Creation

Sometimes, all it takes is a single feature object to capture the essence of a certain aesthetic, which is certainly the case here. The most basic art deco style geometry has been included in the style of the feature lighting object in this interior design. The layered cubic formation done up in gold metallic finish gives this piece a very deco outlook.




2. The Alhambra grill design

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Pavillion Creation

The art deco style featured some great motif work. If you’re trying to articulate this design style in a modern setting, then it may look incomplete without the motifs. You can use a laser cut grille design to capture the beautiful motifs of this style in a rather contemporary way. It can even be installed as a feature wall in the public zone of your home.




3. Rectangular forms

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Pavillion Creation

Bold, rectangular forms are another defining feature of the art deco style. In fact, it used to be the foremost defining characteristic of this style, which was later taken over by isolated motifs. So you can definitely articulate this aesthetic in your interior designs by using large, rectilinear forms. They can be in the form of layered or folding doors, or even wainscoting.





4. Isolated motifs

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Pavillion Creation

Nothing can beat the impact of isolated, curvy motifs when it comes to translating the art deco style in your interiors. You can have them embossed or embedded in a wall or shelf design. you can even take it up a notch and have them carved out in the metal of your door grill design.





5. Patterns in the tile

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Pavillion Creation

While it’s relatively easy to interpret this style in most of your home spaces, it can be challenging to add it in the bathroom interior. An easy way to go about it can be by using patterned tiles in rich, organic colors like brown, clays and tans with a contrast of blues and oranges as the bathroom back splash.

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